Wednesday, August 12, 2015

52teas: Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha, A Tea Review

My day was delightfully weird. I woke up stupidly early, like 4 AM after sleeping like two hours, yeah my sleep schedule is weird, no surprise there, and I thought since it was early in the morning and one of the days of the Perseid Meteor Shower and surprisingly clear out, why not lounge on the porch and do a little star watching? I stayed out until the predawn and only saw one meteor (not sure it counts as seeing a meteor shower, something happens and I have yet to see one, it seems like a cosmic prank) but it was a massive fireball, bright white and green, also a very friendly bat kept me company which made me very happy. Unsurprisingly I was very tired by the afternoon, so I napped on the couch while Ben gave me a foot rub, and then I felt this cold little nose on my hand...Espeon then jumped up onto the couch with me and napped with me. When Ben went to work I planned on sleeping a little longer, but in the much comfier pillow pile that is the bed...and Espeon followed me, jumped on my chest, and fell back to sleep, purring. We stayed like that til a quarter til 1 AM, which was longer than I wanted to sleep, but when you have a cuddly cat you just deal with it.

Remember not too terribly long ago when 52teas switched management? Taken over by fellow tea blogger and tea friend, Anne of SororiTea Sisters Fame? Well, if you didn't know that, it totally happened! Part of the Kickstarter take over event involved reblending favorite blends, it was no surprise that one of the biggest requests was the much loved Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha. A blend of Genmaicha Uji (Genmaicha with added Matcha, I also see this called Genmaimatcha, which is fun to say) Marshmallow Root (best ingredient to add to a blend, ever) and organic, all-natural flavoring. The aroma of the tea is....ummm....well....I think drool worthy might be the best way to describe it. It smells very marshmallow sweet, toasted rice, and bright green notes of the Matcha and Green Tea. It is like eating marshmallow rice crispie treats on a bright summer day at a picnic, there is grass, and greenness, and it goes surprisingly well with marshmallows. From now on, Matcha is going in my rice crispie treats when I make them.

When I first tried this blend over a year ago, I had a reblended sample that did not have the Matcha, Anne's reblend is inspired by the original batch released before I even knew 52teas existed! So I think that it is really cool that the reblend is going back to its roots, and you know, sniffing it, the smell is just amazing. I have such a weakness for toasted teas (fun fact, back in 2005ish when I got my gallbladder out and could eat or drink pretty much nothing, Genmaicha was my savior, it was the only thing I could drink and it was wonderful) and toasted rice, and an even bigger weakness for marshmallow root! It is so clearly rice crispie treats and bright, creamy sweet, Matcha, the drool is real, yo.

Ok, the moment of truth...yeah, this is fantastic. As my usual tendencies, this is from my notebook, but in real time, I have already almost finished my two taster pouches...and I got them on Monday. I just can't stop drinking it, though I will have to soon because I am going to run out. There is just something about these tastes blending together that are almost addictive to me. Creamy sweet marshmallows, toasted rice, grassy fresh green notes with a tiny hint of umami nori at the finish. In a desperate (failing) attempt to conserve this tea, I resteeped the leaves, something I rarely do with blends, and it has some surprising staying power! The second steep has stronger green notes, starting out almost savory with toasted rice and vegetation, nori, and grass and then moves on to a creamy sweet hay and marshmallow root finish. The third steep is all marshmallow root and rice, it is pure liquid rice crispie treat with remnants of distant grass. My tea budget for this month is shot, but so help me, if there is more of this stuff left come next month I am buying many taster pouches! Maybe get some of the Maple Cheesecake TGY I always wanted to try too!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I'm so glad that you are enjoying it.