Thursday, August 6, 2015

Golden Moon Tea: Sinharaja, A #TBT Tea Review

Hello Thursday! The day of throwbacks, and more importantly, D&D! Tonight I will finally be unveiling my newly painted druid miniature, which is very excited. Sadly I am still having a hard time finding various animals and such since she is shapeshifter, so alas, sometimes my druid is played by a d20.

It is time for a #TBT tea review, rumaging through my old notebooks for long neglected tea notes, and that neglected tea is none other than Golden Moon Tea's Sinharaja, a Black Tea from Ceylon, grown bordering the Sinharaja Rain forest. Of course by Ceylon I mean Sri Lanka, old habits die hard, not that I am from a century ago or anything. The aroma of the dark leaves is very rich, strong notes of molasses and malt, caramelized sugar, and a tiny bit of nuttiness arise from the now sniffed leaves. After it has been thoroughly warmed by my nose I also got some honey and cocoa at the finish, fun!

Into the steeping basket the leaves went, for their nice sauna visit. Sometimes I envy tea, and then I remember how many hot baths I take, and realized that was silly. The leaves are woody, the aroma reminds me of tree bark, specifically walnut tree, with an addition of molasses and a touch of honey. the liquid is still quite woody, but with an addition of caramelized sugar and molasses with just a touch of yam.

Moment of truth, tasting time! Ok, the actual tasting happened a while ago, but the notes make it seem like yesterday! The taste is very rich, starting off with strong notes of oak and walnut wood and molasses, mixes richness with briskness, waking up the mouth. It then moves on to cocoa, malt, and a touch of honey, with a finish of caramel at the finish. I decided to add cream and sugar, haven't done that in a while, mostly because I tend to always be out of cream when I want to go all tea additive happy! Adding the cream and sugar brings out the malt and molasses notes and makes them foremost, all of the brisk notes are removed, honestly did not need much in the way of sugar since it was already subtly sweet. Overall this tea is quite solid, a good example of a quality Ceylon tea.

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