Saturday, August 22, 2015

Influenster VoxBox: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, a Product Review

Sometimes I get sent random things to review from Influenster, and usually they kinda make sense, since they send you a little survey to see if you are interested. I don't remember filling out a survey or anything, just woke up to an email one day saying I got a Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs VoxBox on the way. I was filled with both apprehension and curiosity!

Apprehension because for one thing, I am horribly allergic to aloe, and most beauty products have that evil, spiky, succulent's ooze in it...and since like 100 people in the world are allergic to the supposedly hypoallergenic stuff, no one checks to see if you are allergic. Hmph. Also when I was a teenager my aunt was convinced I was too pale (I am much like glue in my whiteness) and decided the best was to rectify this was a fake tan. I turned lividly orange and splotchy, it was safe to say that I was mocked mercilessly the next day at school, so I have a long standing hatred towards fake tans.

But on examining this stuff, I was happy to see, no aloe! It has salvia (aka sage) as the random plant of choice. Also I was glad to see that the coloring was light and it can be removed easily with soap and water in case of a fake tan emergency. Ok I admit, I have always wanted to be beautifully tanned, like I wandered off of a Mediterranean beach, complete with a pile of fresh seafood and olives, go all daughter of Poseidon, but I am from English and Scottish people mostly, we don't tan, we turned a lovely shade of lobster, not to mention skin cancer is rampant in my family, so tanning is a no go for me.

I manned up and gave it a try! The prickly leg stubble and razor rash aside (yeah, you try getting a decent shave when the only razors you can use are the cheap no lubricating strip single blade nightmares) the 'tan' is not bad! If I smooth it out over my whole legs (and the rest of me, really) it could pass as a tan and not makeup. No orange disaster, it looks the way my skin looks several days after the lobster shade from the sunburn fades, but without the risk of cancer and the weird dryness and rash my skin gets from being in the sun. As a product, it is one that I think does its job excellently. I am not sure I am a fan of the whole tanning culture (I am a lost time traveling noble who still thinks that the only people that tan are serfs) because of the amount of cancer it causes, and the horrid leathery effect it has on aging skin, but the desire to have the look with no health consequences is something I am all for!

Thank you Influenster for sending me this totally random thing!

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