Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Personal Blurb and a Contest!

Just a couple of quick notes. For those following along on the Neurology front, my doctor's visit went over very, my new doctor is excellent. No diagnosis, I need to get a MRI and EEG to see if I have Epilepsy and/or MS. I was given some new(ish, I took them when I was younger) meds to see if they help with my seizures and headaches. Fingers crossed.
Now the real reason you are all here, I have acquired a new friend. I went to the pet store to get plants for Ugin's tank and this gorgeous Betta decided to come home with me as well. Oops. Well, this twin-tailed halfmoon needs a I am calling on you all. Whomever comes up with the best name will get something, definitely a shoutout, but also probably some small trinket or tea sample to try. I admit, I am doing this on the fly so I lack a really good prize, but I will come up with something. Some hints as to what is a good name: nerdy things. Ok not much of a hint, just I have a habit of naming my fish after something nerd related. So comment here or on the Instagram photo and in a week I will pick a winner.


  1. Best of wishes. MS is not a disease I'd lightly wish on anyone.

  2. Princess Ruto came instantly to mind.