Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Liebster Award?!? A Brief Interlude Into Stardom

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good holiday weekend (if you are in fact having a holiday, if not, hope you are having a good Monday) I spent mine finally cleaning up the bedroom which had gotten a bit messy due to being sickly lately, Ben was a great help with that so yay for a clean room! I of course plated Terraria, got tea drunk, and slept a lot. Now I am writing this (obviously) fighting with a screwy internet connection and enjoying a booming thunderstorm as summer bids its official farewell (please take the heat, it makes my seizures worse!!) I look forward to autumn dancing in. 

So I received a fancy note from fellow tea blogger teawithpolly, whose blog I recommend you check out, that I was nominated for the Liebster Award. My first blog award, I feel so fancy! What it is, basically, is a way of letting bloggers get a little time in the spotlight by ways of an epic 'tag-off' we get to talk about ourselves, learn about fellow bloggers, discover new blogs, and get that tingly feeling of being singled out for being awesome.

So here are the official rules:
-Link back to the person who nominated you
-Answer the questions given to you by the nominator
-Nominate up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
-Create 11 questions for the nominees
-Notify all nominees via social media/blog

First off: Questions!
What motivates you to keep blogging? Ok, sappy time, my blog is one of the great motivations in my life. I don't work because of a combination of being sickly and an Aspie just makes working not an option any longer. I mean my last job was perfect, and I lost it because of health problems and not being social enough...so yeah. Heartbroken, unable to work but desperately needing to be productive (I am a very productive person, I need to walk away from a project feeling like I accomplished something) my attempt at running an artisan jewelry business was a fail...I was at wits end. So a couple years ago I was visiting my mom and the creator of RateTea told me they liked my writing style and wanted to send my some tea to rate on the site...that and on a total whim I wrote a review about a tea from Adagio and they read it and said they liked it. Mind Blown. So I decided, after talking things over with my mom, why not write about tea? It all just clicked, I felt that renewed passion and sense of purpose again, and it has been glorious! (good heavens I do ramble on something fierce)

How long does it take you to write a blog post? On average, well, it depends on the tea really. If it is a single steep herbal or blended tea, about an hour at the longest. For a tea with many steeps, or that I want to research/fact check before talking about it, it can take several hours. Just counting writing, the tasting 'research' can take whole days as I sit with a tea and mull over it. So far the record for longest time to write a post was the part three of the Matcha showdown, that beast took 8 hours to write, after staying up for 30 hours, I feel I was a bit delirious afterwards!

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen today? Storms!! Or maybe my Bettas, little water jewels that they are, but probably this thunderstorm because it might be the last I see til spring. Their transient nature makes them more special...but I could totally live happily in a place with daily massive storms.

What is something you are interested in, but which most people think is ‘weird’? I really like bugs, especially spiders (ok not bugs, but lumped in the same category often) and tend to collect them, study them, and sometimes during the winter keep them in terrariums. My happily showing off pictures of my 'friends' has given some of my friends a bit of terror. Oops.

Other than blogging, how do you express your creativity? I paint miniatures and origami, though I do not do folding as much as I used to since I have some tendinitis in my wrists and hand arthritis, but I still hoard paper like crazy.

What did your mother ‘always tell you’ that turned out to be true? Or NOT? Kinda an inside joke: Milk Thistle solves all the problems.

Planes, trains, or automobiles? Why? Trains, always. I love them! Cars I am vaguely phobic of and planes I just don't do, doctor's orders because I have a screwy ear problem. Trains are classic, though I do wish they still had the old world feel like you see in classic literature and movies.

What music do you like, but are embarrassed to admit? Ummm, I like really bad hip hop. As a legitimate fan of rap who grew up in Atlanta in the 90s, this is very embarrassing.

Are aliens real? Ever seen any? I look in the mirror everyday :P I joke that the reason I am sickly is because I have alien DNA, like octopuses! I would be honestly blown away if I found out our planet was the only one in the universe with life, it just seem...improbable. If there are aliens they probably are like us, stuck traveling to local satellites neighboring planets. Or maybe they just don't know we exist, the universe is freaking huge!

All-time favourite #1 desert island tea?? (yes, you have to choose ONE!) Ooh tough one! Ok, after much thought, I would probably say that I would go with a fuzzy golden tea of some sort from Yunnan, probably Simao Golden Buds because it gives me a nice burst, I can drink it for hours, it cold steeps nicely, plus its fuzzy golden leaves would keep my morale up.

Ok time for my questions:
1. What flavor note in tea just drives you happy crazy, you know is so good you kinda fall over in happiness?
2. Most wonderful tea themed memory?
3. What is your favorite game (it can be board, video, RPG, any game at all) and why?
4. What is the strangest dream you ever had?
5. What inspires you the most?
6. Favorite place you have ever visited?
7. Favorite snack and why?
8. Most disgusting thing you ever ate (on purpose)?
9. Favorite post-apocalyptic setting? Why?
10. What is your favorite classic monster? Why?
11. Favorite One Hit Wonder?

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  1. Thanks for nominating me! I had fun thinking up my responses to your questions,and making up some of my own. Now I also have more Tea Blogs to follow!