Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tea Musing: Amanda's Birthday Project, and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

I am skipping my usual tea reviewing for a bit of tea musing today, starting off with a very hearty Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (or as I incorrectly call it, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival...I am such a bad Taoist) the end of the autumn harvest, the day of copious Mooncakes (I actually got some this year! Not snowskin since again I forgot to order the molds, but nice red bean paste Mooncakes) and copious amounts of moon viewing while sipping tea. My usual tea for moon viewing is either Yue Guang Bai Cha or Silver Needle, but this year I might do something different. See this year is a once every thirty year eclipse...on a super moon...while it is the festival. If that is not auspicious then I don't know what is, and since the moon will be vibrant red, maybe I will go with a red tea.

So, next bit of musing. this November I am going to turn thirty, which is really kinda cool! I came up with a very 'me' way of celebrating, and yes, it involves tea. The first part of my little plan involves getting some tea from 1985, the obvious choice for this is an Oolong, mainly because it is the only thing I have had any luck with. True I have run into some questionable Puerhs from that year...but yeah, I honestly do not trust it. I am currently waffling between a Dong Ding which is one of my favorite Oolongs and a Bao Zhong, something that I have never had aged and find the idea unique. My plan is to drink it on my birthday and then lock it away in a fancy canister, to only taste it on my birthdays. 

Part two of my devious plan is to get a tea from this year and age it, only to taste it on my birthday. This one I could go a Puerh for very easily, most likely erring on the side of a Sheng if I go that route. It seems out of spirit though, sure I want to delve into the fine art of Pu aging, but why not go for a White Tea (specifically scoring some from Shang's to age) or stick on theme with an Oolong? There are so many options and I am running out of time to narrow things down for certain. Ok, I know for certain no Puerh, only because I want that to be a separate project, also no greens because for the most part they don't age so well, but who knows! The musing shall continue, and hopefully be figured out soon, but for now I have an eclipse to watch!

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