Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What-Cha: Vietnam Flowery Oolong Tea, A Tea Review

OMG I am filled with nervousness, tomorrow is the big day folks, I get sensors on my scalp and stuck in a tube. EEG and MRIs incoming! I have to get very little sleep tonight, that part is easy, the no caffeine before the testing is going to be brutal. For years caffeine has been the only thing that makes my chronic headaches manageable, in fear that it was caffeine causing them I went a year with no caffeine, and I had some of the worst headaches. So basically feel bad for Ben and anyone who has to deal with me til after my testing. And fingers crossed that my seizures and such are caused by something easily treatable or just a sign of me going bonkers and not something degenerative.

On a funny note, I found Espeon, who has an obsession with my tea table...specifically walking across it to either get to my lap or using it as a bridge to the window, it drives me crazy...totally asleep cat-loaf style in the middle of me tea tray. I couldn't help but laugh at this ridiculous cat trying to be the largest of my teapets, I wish I had gotten a picture. Today is Wednesday, meaning time for a tea from What-Cha, specifically their Vietnam Flowery Oolong Tea, a green Oolong from Son La Province in Vietnam. The name is very fitting, it is quite the flowery oolong, notes of hyacinth, orchid, spicebush and a touch of sassafras blossoms. Underneath this pile of flowers is a slight buttery vegetal note reminiscent of steamed buttery peas. It is a slightly odd combo of scents, but it is quite pleasant.

Good heavens, the photos are bad today, soon, very soon my new camera will arrive! Though honestly these bad photos are all me, bad lighting and hand tremors make for some blur. Anywho, the aroma is very sweet, strong notes of spicebush and flowers drenched in honey. It is like spring nectar with hyacinth and orchids, with that peculiar touch of sassafras at the finish. The liquid is buttery and sweet, like freshly blended honey butter and distant spicebush and sassafras.

First steep is incredibly smooth and buttery, one of those oolongs that feel like a mouth massage with its smoothness. The taste is a flowery and slightly spicy explosion, strong notes of hyacinth and orchid, mellow notes of spicebush, and an incredibly honey sweet finish that lingers.

The second steeps' aroma does not change much, except that peculiar sassafras note is all but gone, stull very sweet and buttery though. The taste is still super smooth and flowery, this is one of those oolongs that is the ideal of flowery, if you like green oolongs with no vegetal note and just springtime flowers and sweetness, this one is a good choice.

Third steeping time, still the same aroma, the honey and butter with distant flowers is still going on strong. The mouthfeel for this steep is more silky than buttery, but the taste is not really changing. I went through several steeps and until the end I found the taste did not really alter that much, which is great if you are into a sweet flowery oolong and want it to never end, and believe me, sometimes I am very in the mood for that!

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