Friday, October 30, 2015

A Quarter To Tea: Spumoni Green Tea, A Tea Review

Happy Friday Tea People! We had our first freeze last night, and you know, I was going to talk about how the weather is turning cool and that makes me happy...but I can't, more important things!! Dropfleet Commander's Kickstarter just went live and ughhhhhhh, the Scourge ships are so pretty. In an eerie Mass Effect Reaper and creepy brain-slug kinda way...which you all know at this point is totally my thing. I love my Scourge, problem is I barely get the time (and money) to play Dropzone Commander and Malifaux, so the last thing I need is another game...but I really want those ships! When this goes to stores I am so going to get a few Scourge ships, paint them all Bio-Mech, and love them forever, because I am such a nerd.

Ok, deep breaths, no more spazzing out over gaming, time to relax with tea. So, tea, today's tea is from A Quarter To Tea, an awesome Etsy shop that decided to offer some Steepster peeps samples for review, and you know me, I want to try all the teas! I was sent three, and then of course waffled over which to try first...and the one based on one of my favorite ice creams ever won. Presenting Spumoni Green Tea, a blend of  Chinese green tea, Organic Sencha, raw pistachios, organic cacao nibs, montamorey cherries, flakes of coconut, yeah they use pistachios! It is a well known fact that my favorite ice creams all contain pistachio, it is a tie between plain ol' pistachio, Spumoni, and Kulfi...but ice cream and I don't get along too well, hurts my being able to have that flavor is just such an awesome thing. Now, before I forget, A Quarter To Tea was awesome and is offering my readers a 10% off any purchase over $5 before December 15th, just use the code GEEKERY10 for discount goodness. The aroma of the tea is yummy, a triple threat of pistachio nuttiness, cherry sweetness (with a hint of tart) and cocoa richness, yep it smells like Spumoni! Mix in some coconut for creaminess and a slightly toasty note at the finish and you have a tasty smelling tea.

Into my handy steeping apparatus the leaves and fun little bits go for steeping! The aroma wafting out from the steeper is very nutty, coconut and pistachio notes are drifting my way and it is making my mouth water...I have a weakness for nuttiness, seriously I have an industrial sized container of cashews at my desk, I am like a squirrel. There are also notes of cocoa and cherries with a gentle sweetness to the leaves. The liquid is nutty and sweet, leaning more towards nutty than cocoa or cherry.

Moment of truth, will the tea live up to the ice cream hype? In truth, yes! It is like drinking a warm glass of Spumoni, of course there is a moment of disconnect as your brain is trying to understand the taste, temperature, and is really fun. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, a little oily from the coconut, but luckily the coconut is light enough that it is not super oily, just a lightness coating the mouth. The taste starts out with coconut and pistachio, nutty and gently sweet, it then moves on to a blend of cocoa and cherry, both rich and sweet. There is a nutty aftertaste that lingers for a bit, overall this tea is mild, not a kick in the face, gentle sweetness and flavors that blend really well.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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