Saturday, October 31, 2015

Teabook: Monthly Tea Subscription Service, A Tea Review

Happy All Hallow's Eve! I totally derped and forgot to get a spooky tea for this year's blog, clearly I will have to make up for it next year, but I do promise that today's tea review does have something to do with Halloween. But first, introductions are in order, presenting Teabook! A fairly new to the scene monthly tea subscription that quite literally stole my heart (ok only figuratively stole it, but who uses literally correctly these days?) See, they take fancy teas sourced from China, place them in bags (not tea bags, more like portion control) and then you put those in the tea infuser that comes with your first month's subscription. Yes, this is the tea subscription that is essentially all about on the go grandpa style steeping, probably one of my favorite ways to enjoy tea!

Taken at my painting desk to illustrate the tea on the go aspect

First off we have the infuser, it is a double walled glass tumbler with the standard filter at the top to keep you from munching on the leaves, the holes are not terribly small, so definitely stick to larger leaves if you are using this steeper. The steeper keeps the tea warm for quite a while...which is why Ben was lucky enough to take it with him today for work, see, Halloween themed! He texted me his enjoyment of having hot tea at work. My favorite thing about this steeper is the strap, as someone notoriously clumsy, a way to prevent droppage is awesome. 

It is not a real surprise that the first tea I tried was the Wild Black Tea/ Dian Hong, a fuzzy Yunnan golden tea that happens to be a favorite of mine. The aroma was delightful, a blend of cocoa and yams with a hint of malt, and the taste was much the same. Sweet and mild, not getting bitter at all and surviving another topping off of the steeper. 

Next up I gave the Dragon Well/Long Jing a go, conveniently one of my favorite green teas, always nice when that happens! The aroma is green and nutty, gentle sweetness and vegetal notes, with strong sesame seed finishing notes. The taste, well, yum! Delightful vegetal notes of green beans and broccoli with a finish of sesame seeds and honey, the tea was smooth and did not become bitter, only stronger and nuttier. 
Lastly was a mysterious Oolong from the founder's special collection, Honey Sweet Green/ Ming Xiang....wait...I don't think this is an Oolong! It smells like one, like a beautiful floral Dan Cong, but it is from Hunan, and the name calls it a green. I AM SO CONFUSED!  Researching got me nothing, I could have just asked, but as I was thirsty at the time I thought, mystery fun time! I still don't know what it is, but I want more of it...a lot more. It was honey sweet, crisp and gently green, and with a floral presence that had me lost in a garden full of gardenias and plumeria, I was in a happy pace and was sad when I could not squeeze anymore from the tea. I keep the package around and keep sniffing it in mourning, wishing for more of that yumminess. *Thanks to the magic of the internet, I have been informed that it is a Green, the most decadently floral green ever, thanks guys!!*

Overall, I love this subscription, it is $24.99 which is a bit pricey for 18 packets of tea, but if you drink from the same leaves multiple refillings of the steeper it is not quite so expensive seeming. Especially when you compare it to the cost of getting a thing of tea at a coffee shop or something like that. I love the idea of having tea with you wherever you go, I never leave the house without a steeper full of leaves, so like I said, this is a subscription service after my own heart.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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