Friday, November 13, 2015

Chambre De Sucre: An Extravaganza of Sugar! A Tea Accouterment Review

I am currently involved in a heated debate with Ben, a debate over whether or not sugar is an accouterment to tea! Clearly, from the title of this review, I think it is, he thinks that cups and spoons count but not sugar. This is what we do for fun, we debate semantics and word usage...and I like to get imaginative with how correct my word usage is...and this is why I got away with using the word 'lavaswine' in the game of Scrabble I played with friends last night. I lost, but in a way I won because the idea of pigs made of magma is horrifying!

So, it is shopping season, the season which you realize you have more people to shop for than had previously realized (my heart goes out to parents who get their kid's teachers gifts, you guys are great) and you have to figure out the perfect little gifts for all the people on your list. I have a sweet idea for you...sugar! Fancy artisan sugars that make your little sugar jar on the counter feel inadequate, because Chambre De Sucre knows their sugars, and I respect that. They awesomely sent me and a few other tea bloggers some sugars to experience, it was quite sweet...and not just in a 90s slang way, it was literally sweet!

When it comes to adding a sweetener to my tea, I almost always go with plain old pure sugar, why, because if I am adding sweetener to tea I don't want to taste anything but the tea and the sweet, to me sugar tastes clean...this may or may not just be weird Amanda logic. The first of the sugars I tried were the too cute for their own good Cup Huggers, in the form of Angel Wings, Neko, and an Elephant. They do exactly what the name says, they hang onto the cups looking cute, and then you either flip them into the tea where they dissolve super quickly, or you pour hot water over them to make them dissolve into the tea that requires a steady hand or you will end up with a soggy desk.

Next I looked at the 4-Piece Sucre CarrĂ© Gift a beautiful set of sugars with sculpted flowers on top. These reminded me of one of my happiest childhood memories, when I was four I was visiting my grandparents for Easter, I came down with some really horrid sickness (like I do) and that year I was gifted a Sugar Egg, basically an Easter egg with a scene inside of it, the entire thing sculpted from sugar, and it was a thing of magical beauty. These flowers were very happy inside my teacup...and on a whim I ate one, and it was delicious, better than most candy I gorge myself on!

On to the incredibly cute Yellow Mini Hearts, they are hearts, they are sugar, and I totally let out a squee when I opened the box because good heavens, they are so cute! I found myself tossing a few into cups, holding one in my teeth and letting them dissolve like I am some sort of fancy Persian princess. I did of course just eat some of them, I really like sugar, especially when it tastes so pure and sweet.

Lastly were my favorite, the Diamond Sugar Stirrer, it is a classic beautiful sugar, and it sparkles so prettily. I love how when you pour hot water over the stirrer (or put it in the hot tea) it crackles like gentle musical bells, and this pleases me immensely. I greatly enjoyed playing with these fancy sugars, they give the pure sweetness, very clean and they are beautiful! I think these would be a great stocking stuffer or just really pretty little gift for people, or a gift for me...give me all the sugars!!
This sugary goodness was sent for review purposes by the company.

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