Sunday, November 8, 2015

Teaprints: Tea Rex T-Shirt, A Tea Gear Review

Today's review is a new level of epic, I am reviewing a piece of wearable tea gear...and I don't mean that experiment with a beer hat gaiwan contraption...and no, I don't want to talk about that! I am going to review the blending of two of my favorite things...tea and quirky t-shirts. I, like so many nerds of my acquantence, collect geeky shirts, in my possession are several Minecraft ones (of course) and there are Dalek, Soundwave, Dropzone Commander, Mob Squad...I have a lot of shirts...but no tea themed ones which has been a source of sadness for me.
So I was filled with undiluted glee when Teaprints contacted me to review one of their tea themed shirts...especially when I saw that one of their designs had a Tyrannosaurus Rex drinking tea!! Granted, if you are an amateur Paleontologist (I even got a degree from an online course, I am so fancy) like me, you will notice that he is standing upright and has three fingers on its not especially short arms...and is wearing a shirt and drinking tea, so clearly any need for accuracy has been tossed out the window in favor of the cuteness. I am totally ok with that, because this shirt is all kinda of cute.

But cuteness means nothing if it is not wearable! Nothing worse than a cute shirt with a terrible texture or bad printing, luckily this shirt is soft cotton and the print job is solid. I gave the shirt a wash after it arrived because sometimes wearing a shirt fresh off the printer gives me the itchies, so the practice of washing a shirt is habit. The printing did not fade and it is not unpleasantly stiff, always a huge plus. Of course I am a very tiny person, so the small is a bit baggy on me, and I will be modifying the shirt a bit to fit my needs. By that I mean I will chop the neck out, I am really picky with shirts and loathe anything close to my throat, so pretty much all of my shirts get tweaked to be loose around the throat, not at all a critique, just letting you know for when inevitable selfies show up on Instagram that I tweaked my swag. If you are like me and hoard thematically appropriate shirts, then seriously check out their shirts.

This tea-shirt was sent for review purposes by the company.