Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tanlong Premium Tea Collection: Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl

Hooray, just got an Email from Fujifilm saying my camera is Coming home. This means things can return to normal for me, I have missed it so. There are many packages on their way to me, and this excites me, not just my fancy electronics, I also have a lap desk on the way.

Today we are looking at a tea that I really do not indulge in very often, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl from Tanlong Premium Tea Collection. I love jasmine scented teas, but I really need to be in the right mood for it, really I need to be in the right mood for flower scented teas in general, but when I am in that mood I indulge fully. The aroma of these adorable pearls of green tea and a few jasmine blossoms smell of heady blooming jasmine, along with a distinct sesame seed nuttiness and gentle fresh vegetation. It smells very natural, like blooming jasmine, specifically like the aroma of summer when the jasmine outside my window would bloom.

The aroma of the gentle unfurling pearls is very heady, strong jasmine and sweet honey notes with gentle hints of vegetation and a slight nuttiness. It smells very much like flower nectar, I feel like a hummingbird sniffing it. The liquid is very heady, though not as much so as the leaves, it is like blooming flowers, sweetness of nectar, and a touch of sharp crushed vegetation.

The mouthfeel of this tea is quite buttery, which surprised me. It starts out with buttered vegetal notes, a bit like cooked broccoli, but very quickly moves to sweet sesame seeds and then a flowery jasmine burst towards the end. It is very much like a flower just bloomed in my mouth, the jasmine lingers for a while in a nectar sweet aftertaste.

The aroma of the second steep brings out the vegetal notes, with buttered broccoli and a bit of lettuce, along with gentle sweet jasmine nectar. The taste is only a touch floral, this steep really showcases the base tea, it is buttery in both texture and taste, with notes of buttery vegetal broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cooked spinach. The finish is a gentle blend of sesame seeds and delicate jasmine, that lingers in sweetness.
This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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