Thursday, December 3, 2015

Teavivre: Golden Monkey Black Tea, A TBT Tea Review

There is a cat in my lap, an Espeon to be precise, who is happily keeping me warm. This really has no relevance, but I thought I would share that with you all since she is so immensely cute and cuddly. Today sadly was another day of getting nothing done since I still feel pretty nasty, I truly worry I am coming down with a cold, but considering I always get sick this time of year (mostly because stress causes my fibromyalgia to go bonkers) I am totally unsurprised. With luck this will pass quickly and I can get back to doing my usual routine!

Once again, we look into one of my older notebooks, because I drink too many teas and take too many notes, TBT posts really make me debate reviewing more than one tea a day, but I am pretty sure you all would hate me at that point! Today we are looking at a favorite type of tea of mine, Teavivre's Golden Monkey Black Tea, a fuzzy golden tea from Fujian, golden and fuzzy just like a monkey, those oh so cute Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys, one of the few monkeys that I actually like. Ok, not true, I am mostly ok with monkeys, but I loathe apes with a passion, I admit it, I have a phobia, but that honestly has nothing to do with tea, so moving on. The aroma of these fuzzy leaves is rather intense! Strong notes of cocoa, yams, roasted peanuts, plum, and a touch of black pepper. It leans more on the side of savory than sweet, though it is not outright savory...just very light in the sweetness department.

Into my old, chipped gaiwan the leaves went for steeping, this gaiwan has moved on to a new home, chips and all. The aroma of the soggy leaves take a turn for the sweet, blending roasted peanuts and yams with a delicate honey and distinct dried plum note. The liquid is creamy and sweet, raw honey and yams with juicy plums and a wee bit of cocoa at the finish.

The first steep is fairly light, a gentle start to the golden fuzzy tea. It starts with a creamy sweetness and moves to juicy plums and rich cocoa, the plum notes linger and blend with honey at the finish. The aftertaste is short but sweet honey, and even though the first steep is light and has a memorable presence.

Whoa, the aroma for the second steep is pretty intense, very sweet notes of honey and juicy plums, with a starchy sweet potato finish. The taste is still pretty light, it is a gentle tea, with notes of cocoa, yams, and plums at the first. As the tea reaches the finish it picks up notes of dried apricots and a slight roasted peanut finish. Even though this is a light tea, it has a powerful sweetness and the notes are very crisp and distinct.

Third steeping, the aroma is very sweet, strong notes of plums and honey, with a starchy sweet potato finish...but there is also a bit of cocoa too! I do not say this very often with black/red teas, but this is a refreshing tea, it is light and sweet with notes of plum and apricots, that moves to sweet potatoes and roasted peanuts. It is a light tea, sweet and fruity and surprisingly refreshing, I find myself drinking this tea in the evening thanks to its lightness.

This tea was purchased by me.

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