Saturday, December 19, 2015 Geyao Fish Cup, A Teaware Review

I am half tempted to start a new series on my blog called confessions of a teaware hoarder, because wow, I have a lot of stuff. Really though, this will just be a continuation of my long lagging teaware review, but it really could be a tale of how Amanda spends all her money on tea gear and eventually runs out of room to keep it all. Honestly it was running out of shelf space that finally made me realize that I might have a bit of a problem, of course this problem was made worse today by the grand opening of, created by TwoDog of White2Tea.

Yours truly was lucky enough to get a little sneak peak at some of the goodies that are being offered at the new shop, like all good drug pushers, the first hit is cart is already filling up with things I don't need but can't say no to. And yes, I know I said no more tea shopping until I get my new Xbone, but well...I have a problem. Plus this means I have the opportunity to talk about teaware again, yay! And first up I am going to showcase the Geyao Fish Cup, oh my one greatest weakness, teaware with fishes!
Why yes, I did take these with my phone since my camera is still being fixed

This cup fascinates me with its beauty! I have seen (and own for that matter) cups with raised fishies swimming around giving the illusion of the fish swimming around in tea, even without tea in the cups they are usually celadon so it resembles water. This cup goes the extra mile, I feel, with the combination of celadon coloring and earthenware unglazed clay, it really reminds me of water lapping against the edge of a pond, the surface gently disturbed as a koi noticing you are close to the edge pops up expecting food.

Plus the texture of the cup is wonderful, it is slightly rough (as one expects from clay) meaning I am less likely to drop it, which is always a serious win!! Also it feels good in my hand, against my mouth when I am drinking, and it holds the heat like a boss, all of these make for an enjoyable sipping experience, especially when you have a friendly fish sharing your cup with you! Now, with any luck my teaware hoarder friends will leave a few pieces of awesome for me to procure with Christmas money, until then I will sit and stare at my full cart with crossed fingers for an early Christmas!
This cup was sent for review purposes by the company.


  1. Love that cup! We share a mutual affection for fishy teaware. The prices on this new site of White2Tea's are insane. I'm trying to save up for my trip to World Tea Expo in June but he's making it very hard :P

    1. Yesss! I think that this is going to be my new one stop shopping spot for all things tea loot :P

    2. Hi Amanda,

      I was surfing on Steeper and came across your post under teaware. I'm also a hopeless teaware fanatic. I ordered the same cups. I'm so happy to hear you like the quality of this cup. I ordered several other items and can't wait to receive them. Nicole Martin shared the link with a danger warning....I failed to take heed and now I'm out of control....Nice to know I'm in good company. :)