Saturday, December 26, 2015 Silver Threaded Red Hat Teacup, A Tea Gear Review

I was going to take the weekend off, but decided holidays or no, I have been far to lazy the last week...I blame the new update for Minecraft coming out. Of course since I will be ordering an Xbone on Monday, well, let's just say I need to get my affairs in order because when that thing arrives I am not going to be doing much other than playing on my new MASSIVE world. It was a good Christmas, I surprisingly got everything I wanted (even things I didn't talk about wanting, Santa is a mind reader) everyone really like their presents, and I was surprisingly relaxed. Usually I am not a huge holiday person because my stress level goes bonkers, but this year I wanted to give myself the gift of 'chill' and I think spending the entire month (ok several months) tea drunk really helped.
Singing to my camera: baby come back! 

So last week I talked about a beautiful cup from and why not continue the series with another beautiful cup, the Silver Threaded Red Hat Teacup or as I call it, the hyperdrive cup! The really astoundingly gorgeous glaze looks like falling through stars, you know, like in Star Wars when the ship (iconically in my mind the Millennium Falcon) goes into hyperspace and the stars become lines and you look like you are falling through light. See, perpetual tea drunk makes me see fun things in my tea cup, science fiction hallucinations aside, this cup is gorgeous, I really do find myself getting lost in it.
I am just glad my phone isn't THAT terrible

I love the shape of it most of all I think, hat shaped cups are possibly one of my favorite shapes for a cup, though really I am a sucker for any wide cup that allows the tea to cool off to a not melting my tongue temperature quickly. Also this shape just feels very elegant to hold, especially with its little pedestal foot, whenever I drink out of it I feel the urge to lounge and recite poetry...conveniently for anyone around I rarely give in to temptation.

For Christmas my awesome grandparents essentially bankrolled an order for more tea gear (because I have an addiction) meaning I have more tea themed loot on the way, including the blue version of this cup, which I am very excited to match to the red. Other than me absolutely loving it, Ben (the Tea Barbarian) also really loves it and keeps insisting on using it...Ben...who usually gets annoyed with my 'thimble cups' and wants to drink large mugs wants to use this cup because it is that pretty. That is my reasoning for getting the blue one to match, I swear!
This cup was sent for review purposes by the company.


  1. Another gorgeous one! I am very impatiently waiting for my order to arrive. It was really hard choosing but I got the Starfrom Teacup along with an easy gaiwan, puerh needle and one of those pretty deer tea pets. :)

  2. I just ordered this one too. I will now have 4 of these hat shaped cups once my order comes in. Three of which are in this new order. I'm so impatient! Anyways these cups are so cute and I can't wait to get them!