Monday, January 4, 2016

BlendBee: Lime Green With Envy, A Tea Reiview

I have become like unto a zombie, spending all my waking time chugging tea and playing Minecraft. Ok no that is a lie, I have gone grocery shopping and I am writing this now between adding floors to my epic cliff building. It has a clock-tower. I am debating, once I get a bit more building done and expand things, I am tempted to do a Twitch livestream tour of my world, blame my mom for this idea. She is convinced I am a master builder and need to show off the skills, I want to do it as a way to document how my world evolves over time, since it seems the Xbone does not have a share screenshot to facebook function like the 360, tragic.

So the other day I over-indulged, I ate way too much gross food and just felt like my guts were covered in slime, I wanted a tea that was acidic and sour (since I was out of kalamata olives, my usual go-to for post gross food binging.) So rummaging through my stash I found BlendBee's Lime Green With Envy and went ooooh, because citrus is my other go-to digestive aide, bingo! This tea is a blend of Sencha, China Green Tea (which is a Chun Mee) Lemon Peel, Raspberry Leaf, and Lime Extract, and I adore green tea blended with citrus, it is probably my favorite fruit to blend with green tea, it is just so refreshing! The aroma is very citrus heavy, a nice blend of lime and lemon, with lemon leaves, green fresh grass, and fluffy green notes of raspberry really, it smells fluffy to me, can't really describe why.

Into my pretty glass pot the tea goes, I wanted to look at it steeping because green tea is pretty. The aroma of the wet leaves is super citrus, lots of lemon and mellow lime, strong green notes of spinach and grass with undertones of lettuce. It kinda smells like a salad, and I like that since lemon juice is my favorite dressing. The liquid, however, smells much sweeter, but still has savory undertones of spinach and grass, but the citrus notes are sweet, with an undertone of nuttiness.

So, is this tea going to hit the spot and make me feel less ill? Yep, that citrus did the trick! It is not a super sweet tea, it is refreshing and sour, like eating a nice green salad with lemon and lime dressing. There are notes of grass and spinach, a touch of hay, some turnips greens, and a finish of lime that lingers for a while. This tea is definitely good hot, but letting it chill makes it amazingly refreshing, I can't wait to cold steep this one come summer time.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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