Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Blog Schedule!

Tea is a wonderful thing, a wonderful thing which I love to write about, tea can take minutes or it can take hours...blogging however is never really a quick process. It takes time to research the tea I am drinking (though less if I am more familiar with the tea) take the photos and organize/edit them, and of course time to gather my thoughts and adequately describe the tea and do it justice.

Even though it takes time I still love it, but lately I have found trying to do it everyday to be a bit of a strain and have been having a hard time maintaining the daily blogging structure, so time for something new! I am going to, instead of blogging everyday try out blogging Monday, Wednesday, Friday and if I am feeling adventurous once on the weekend. Is this a definite permanent thing? Not sure, this is me trying it out, seeing how it feels...if I want to write more I will, but with luck having a day to collect my thoughts between blogs posts will mean a less strained me and maintain the blog's quality. Thank you all for the several years of support you have given and continue to give the blog, it means the world to me!

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