Friday, March 25, 2016

Influenster: Houlihan's VoxBox, A Product Review

Recently I recieved a VoxBox from favorite product review site Influenster, the website that in theory got me into reviewing things other than books and opened the doors to tea reviewing several years ago. I have gotten some real awesome things from them and some things that just did not work, but this is the first time that a VoxBox sent me on an adventure! This box of goodies was hinted having something to do with spiralizing (wishful thinking thought maybe it was a spiralizer) and Houlihans, a restaurant that got its start here in Kansas City, though sadly I had not heard of them. What can I say, I live under a rock when it comes to chain restaurants usually. 

Inside the box was a bunch of coasters, a Houlihan's shirt that is pleasantly soft. Big win there, I love when shirts are super soft. But the big show was a voucher for two free entrees off the spiralizer menu at the restaurant, so Ben and I took an adventure to the local Overland Park branch.

Ben is not a fan of sweet potatoes, zucchini, or squash, so he got himself a salad and I gorged on the entrees. I decided on the Thai 'Noodle' Salad and the Sweet Potato, Corn, & Bacon Mexicali Flatbread, both options I got were gluten free, also props to the restaurant for labeling the GF items and which ones had GF options. I do not have celiac, I have a mild wheat allergy (hello rashes and gut hate) so I do not have to be religious with avoiding it, but tend to mostly do so, proper labeling is such a plus in my book! First off, the Mexicali Flatbread had some spicy oomph, big ol' jalepenos draped across the flatbread, it was tasty but I ended up foisting this one off on Ben...who really liked it, sweet potatoes and all. This left the Thai Noodle Salad with its big zucchini noodles to keep me company, and it hit the spot perfectly. It was delicious! Usually Thai food in this part of the world is super sweet, cloyingly so, and loses out on the other flavor notes so endemic to that cuisine, not this time! Sour lime, sweet peanuts, spicy chilis, salty was delicious and I ate every bit of it!

Overall I really liked the food, I will probably go back at some point for more of that Thai noodle yum. Usually when I go out to restaurants I go for more exotic meals, spending a lot of time at the Indian buffets, El Salvadoran restaurants, and Ethiopian restaurants, not that I have a problem at all with more American fare, I just tend to spend my limited going out to eat budget on food I am less skilled in cooking (though I do make some killer curries and injera) But I am so glad I got to experience the spiralized food, because now I want a spiralizer!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

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