Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quantitea: 12 Loose Leaf Tea Starter Set, A Tea Review

Contrary to popular (?) belief, this blog is not just an outlet for my endless rambling, it has a purpose! It started all those years ago as a way to introduce people to good tea, to let the readers experience it through my words and if they found my words interesting they could give it a try. Maybe they would learn a little about tea in the process, maybe they would realize there is more to tea just just the bagged garbage at the grocery store. Tea brings me such joy and I wanted to share my joy!

So it is no surprise that I am totally on board with Quantitea's 12 Loose Leaf Tea Starter Set as a way to introduce people to tea. This set is awesome, beautifully packaged and full of some really epic teas, but first let's look at its delivery. The method of brewing the tea is with a big ol' glass mug and a really swanky infuser, this infuser fits in the mug and takes up a lot of space meaning expanding leaves get to really grow! No cramped oolongs, which is always a sad sight to behold. The infuser then sits on a little lid, meaning no mess, meaning this is a great set-up for people who don't have a tea table or are at work and it is easier to get extra steeps out of it since you don't accidentally put your basket into something gross (like the one time someone in the house disliked the smell of my genmaicha and stuck it in a smelly bag...thanks guys) ruining your tea. I also like this because sometimes I don't feel like doing gongfu, like when I am busy at a game or feel icky and just want a massive mug of tea, but still want it to be good quality tea!

No matter how good the presentation is, if the tea is not up to par then what is the point of using it as a tool to introduce people to finer brew? Conveniently the tea is excellent, at least what I have tried so far. There are twelve teas and since each of them can be steeped multiple times I tend to only sit with one a day. They will eventually all find their way onto the blog with their own special feature, but as an overall look at them I was very impressed. Especially the Hong Jing Luo (surprise surprise, a Yunnan hong cha was a favorite) and the Junshan Yinzhen, though really I have not been disappointed by any of them yet.

I think this set could be an excellent gift for someone who is expressing an interest in tea or for someone who is more into tea and wants to explore the range of difference in regions and processing. There is the option to get the flight without the cup if you want to try the teas and prefer to use a gaiwan or gongfu pot of some sort, they come pre-measured so ease of access for those who always use a scale.  So stay tuned as I take a look at the teas themselves in the future, thinking I might do a comparison of the two teas for each processing types, because frankly that sounds like a lot of fun.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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