Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What-Cha: Taiwan Jade Oolong Tea, A Tea Review

Surprisingly I do not have much news on the Ark front today, just dabbling in breeding and deep sea diving, so far I have only succeeded at the breeding. Well I succeeded at diving, I just failed at staying alive. Also someone pranked me, I had to run an errand so I logged out on my roof after checking my fliers for eggs and when I logged back in I was in the sky, only thing I can guess is someone carried my unconscious body to the top of the green obelisk and left it there, and when I logged in I fell off. Excellent view on the way down! One of the many reasons any time I log out I empty my inventory, that and glitching through the floor on occasion.

Today since it is Wednesday it is time to bring back a classic with What-Cha, their Taiwan Jade Oolong, though I advise jumping on it if you are interested because it is almost all gone! This is a classic example of a green oolong from Taiwan, good old Cui Yu, a tea that I frequently waffle back and forth on if I like it better bowl/grandpa style or gongfu, but I was in the mood to use my Xishi so that is the treatment this sample got. The aroma of the vibrantly green leaves is a blend of lilies, hyacinth, honeysuckles, chestnuts, sweet corn, and sesame seeds. It blends nutty/grainy with floral headiness in a pretty even balance, not too heady and not too nutty, but definitely sweet.

The aroma of the now gently unfurled leaves is intensely floral, like wow, it is a bouquet up in my teapot! Notes of lilies, hyacinth, honeysuckle, and a very heady orchid note blend with a gentle sweetness of chestnut and honey. It is very nectar like. The aroma of the first steep's liquid is a creamy bouquet, gently notes of chestnut blend with honeysuckle and orchids with a side of lilacs and hint of lilies. A very spring time tea!

First steep and the first thing I notice is the immensely creamy mouthfeel, this will probably always be my favorite thing about green oolongs. I love the flowers and sweetness, but the thick bordering on oily and super smooth mouthfeel really gets me. It starts with a buttery sweetness of chestnuts and moves it lilacs, spicy lilies and honeysuckles. The finish is a gentle blend of hyacinth and honeysuckles with lingers.

The second steep brings the green to the green oolong, blending the strong floral notes with crushed vegetation and a touch of snap peas. It is a bit of a flowery explosion in my mouth, you know that scene in Yellow Submarine when Jeremy Hilary Boob turns His Blueness into a rose bush? Well it is kinda like that in my mouth but with spring time flowers. The finish has a distinct spicebush warmth and buttery sweetness that lingers for quite a while.

I had so many steeps of this tea. it just went and went, but I shall finish my tale here at steep three. The aroma is still a small explosion of spring flowers and spring growth, it is very vernal and sweet and immensely heady. The taste of this steep brings in more of the spring green growth to the flowery blend, but still the strongest notes belong to the flowers. Hyacinth, lilac, spicebush, lilies and honeysuckles dance like some sort of petal laden ballet in my mouth. Flowery teas make me immensely happy, especially when they remind me of spring bursting forth outside my window...but you know, without the allergies!

This tea was purchased by me.

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