Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Libre Tea: MatchaGo Travel Shaker, A Tea Gear Review

Last week was kinda awful, so I am so glad it is a new week, even if I used Monday for one of my well known 'sleep resets' thanks to wonderful seemingly endless thunderstorms. Other than my Cardiologist appointment this Wednesday I am hoping this week will be stress free, tea full, and gaming crazed. In case you were not in the know (lucky you!) the new map on Ark, the Center, well the update broke a LOT of stuff and the world of one of my favorite video games has been a mess, the hotfix is supposed to come out any time now, and boy am I glad. Even if it means all the work I did on The Center got wiped and I have to start again, NOOOO my spawned in and cheatcoded Gigas and epic big base!! Though really it was nothing compared to the anger of a glitch throwing me out of the map and destroying my good gear and kibble on the regular server where I have to actually work to get stuff rather than just spawn it in, feel bad for my tribemate (aka my mom) who had to hear the epic raging I did at that!

Recently on the gram of insta I posted a picture of my cheap cold steeper, a conversation between a teafriend and myself led to me recommending Libre's Tea Steeper as my favorite cold steeper, but that I was in mourning because mine broke. Yes, it was tragic, I was washing it and magically dropped in on the open glass part, shattering the inside. Well the people at Libre came to my rescue and sent me a new one (which I will be featuring soon) along with what I am looking at today, a MatchaGo Travel Shaker!

This clever little tool is for people who want a Matcha on the go and do not have access to a Chabako and hot water while out, or who want a cold Matcha latte on the go and have no desire to pay the astronomical price at Starbucks. So here is how it works, you spoon Matcha onto the filter built into the lid, this sifts the Matcha removing the clumps (the bane of any Matcha drinker's experience) seriously I love this feature! I have, when going out and wanting Matcha, just tossed powder into bottle and gave it a shake, and unless you are drinking a specific 'Matcha on the go' blend (usually it is Matcha blended with either a starch or fiber to act as an anti-clumper) there are going to be clumps unless you pre-sift it, and most likely if you are tossing said Matcha into a bottle you don't necessarily have time to sift it. After you sift the Matcha through the filter, you add whatever liquid you are going to use and then put the lid on, and boom shake that thing like crazy to mix and froth your Matcha.

I tried this with hot water to make a traditional Matcha and sat outside for a sip, it has become a new favorite way to drink Matcha, something about being in the outdoors with a tea that is vibrantly green just works for me, and even though I prefer to whisk it up all ceremonially, if I am just going to a walk around the yard for a bit of exercise, this works perfectly. In fact I almost forgot to take a picture until it was almost empty, oops. A word of warning that I learned from my experimenting with my previous Libre steeper and applies to this as well, don't fill it too high and wait for the water to cool if it is super hot before adding the lid...failure to do this will end up with a massive mess. If you are just using it as a cup and not worrying about tossing it in your purse or taking it on the go, filling it up is not as big of an issue, however the steam thing is important because it can cause the lid to rocket off pretty dramatically. Luckily it says as much in a how-to that comes with the steepers, so it is not a surprise.

The other way I tried this steeper was mixing Matcha with ginger ale, and that was pretty cool! I have, on the way from Yunomi, a bag of Matcha drink mix that has ginger, because ginger helps my belly and the blend of those flavors are awesome, but I got impatient and decided to improvise. It was tasty, but sadly the Matcha I used (the Mizuba Daily Matcha) is already naturally sweet...and ginger ale is super sweet, so it was a little much. In the future I might used chilled Matcha and fresh ginger, or hot Matcha, that is one of the brilliant things about this steeper, there are a ton of options for inventive Matcha uses for outdoor drinking. I am probably going to be using this a lot for visits to the zoo!

This teagear was sent for review purposes by the company.

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  1. I've been trying to figure out the best way to travel with matcha, this would make things so much easier.