Friday, May 6, 2016

Midwest Tea Festival Pre-show!

Ok, its not really a pre-show, this is just a brief little post about the event tomorrow and what I hope to be up to! Yours truly is battling with health problems and I loathe just leaving the blog blank for a day, so I thought I would fill you all in on my plans!

The Midwest Tea Festival opens its doors at 10, and I will hopefully be there right as it starts, if not a little earlier. Using the hashtag #midwestteafestival I will be posting lots of photos of the event, live blogging and tweeting as I go, so anyone who wants to be there in spirit will get the chance to experience it digitally. I wish I could attach a camera to my head and livestream it to twitch, but being short means you would probably just see a lot of the backs of people!

There are so many things going on that I can't see them all, but my big plans are going to the Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration and The Spectrum of Taiwanese Teas tasting cafe. I hope to get to a few other presentations but don't want to be greedy and take away from people who might be new to tea. I admit I have a bit of an ulterior motive going to the Japanese demonstration, I want to talk to the people presenting about becoming a Tea Ceremony Master. See Kansas City and Lawrence both have Japanese tea gardens and I would love to be a Ceremony Master at one!

At 1 there will be a Steepster gathering for a photo and tea tasting of either an aged oolong or Dong Ding. The exciting thing about that is yours truly is going to be doing the tasting! Andrew of Liquid Proust Tea fame is bringing the teas and wanted to do the tasting but has to run his booth, and since I know first hand how much of a pain it is to run a booth at any show I volunteered my services. Just gotta bring my brewing gear and my game face! The last time I gongfu'd for a crowd was back during the Dropzone Commander league, and all the tasters were busy gaming and not paying attention to me, I will consider it a huge win if I manage to not make a mess...I'm a messy tea person!

I will of course be visiting all the vendors, sampling teas, getting photos, and taking notes! I won't be buying much this year since the OCD kicked in and I needed to organize my tea stash and the money went let's face it, I have enough tea! Either tomorrow night or Sunday I will do an official write up giving all the juicy details about the event. I'm so excited!!

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