Monday, June 20, 2016

Motion Matcha, A Collection of Matcha Samples

Recently company Motion Matcha sent me samples of all their Matcha. They are geared more towards beginners and those who want sweetened or flavored Matcha, and even though I prefer mine whisked up traditionally, I do also enjoy a latte or cold Matcha treat ever so often. They can be strangely addictive!
The thing that really intrigued me about this company is their use of actual fruit powder in a few of their blends, and a bit of sugar. I will be honest, I prefer my lattes and non-traditional Matcha drinks sweet, but not necessarily as syrupy as some restaurants prepare it. I decided since it was hot to mix these all with cold water and used my Libre Matcha shaker for a nice cool treat. 

Vanilla Orange- Smells very much like orange vanilla candy, like those swirly orange and vanilla life saver things. The taste is very similar, very strong artificial orange with light vanilla and a bitter undertone. It has a bit of a sugary sweetness, though it does not really counteract the bitterness from the (judging by the color) culinary grade Matcha. Sadly this one was not much to my liking, though I did notice this was one of the Matcha with flavoring only rather than oranges, so that could be why. I notoriously dislike orange flavoring, like seriously, it is the candy that always gets ignored, right there with lemon and green apple.

Strawberry Lemonade- Ooh this one smells yummy, both before and after adding water, strong notes of strawberry with just a touch of citrus with an underlying green Matcha note. Ok, this one I like, it is sour like lemonade (very lightly sweet lemonade, kinda like unsweetened lemon koolaide now that I think about it) and tart strawberries with a slight bitterness from the Matcha. I do wish this one was a little less tart and sour and a little more sweet, but that is easily rectified. It has a long lingering aftertaste of sourness, and honestly reminds me a bit of summer, a very specific memory of staying hydrated while working with my dad as a kid using watered down only barely sweetened lemon koolaide. So that little bit of nostalgia was kinda fun.

Pomegranate Berry- This was the one I had the most trepidation about, mainly because pomegranate is a bit tart, and usually things labeled just 'berry' can be either really tasty or really sour. The aroma of this tea is pleasantly sweet and very berry, a combination of pomegranate, blueberry, and raspberry. I think I have to say this was my favorite, it was very sweet, a bit of an artificial taste, but blueberry flavoring is one of the few flavorings I like (you should see me tear through a box of blueberry waffles) and at the finish there is a bit of mouth puckering sour. My only complaint with this one is there is a bit of a burning mouth sensation (and this was present with all of the flavored ones, but stronger with this Matcha. I am assuming it is the citric acid since it can have that affect on me.) Oddly I can barely taste the Matcha in this one, there is a bit of a grassy undertone and that is about it.

Just Matcha- I am assuming this is the base Matcha used for all the flavored blends, though judging by the brownish green color which was much browner than the other Matcha, maybe not. Sadly this one was not at all to my liking, it was a classic very bitter, very dry culinary grade Matcha that really should only be used in baking or smoothies where there are enough other ingredients and sugar to mask the bitterness. I have had enough culinary grade Matcha as a drink rather than food to last a lifetime. Overall I was pretty lukewarm on these Matcha, I think if you are wanting to just drink for the caffeine tossing these into a smoothie or latte could be great, but if you are like me and only want to drink for the flavor this might not work for you.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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