Thursday, June 16, 2016

Numi Organic Tea: Fennel Spice Savory Tea, A TBT Tea Review

Wow! A Throwback Thursday post! I have not done one of those in a while! Basically the deal with these, I write them up when I am feeling particularly inspired to write for days just like today, where I am either too busy or not feeling the best and want to post a blog (for consistency, yo) but am not really up to writing one. Today is a combination of both, I was super busy from waking up til now, and I am pooped and want to just get tea-drunk and then go to sleep.

So usually I am not much of a teabag person, having, for lack of a better term, outgrown them, but this one needed to be tried. Numi Organic Tea's Fennel Spice from their Savory Tea line is a blend of Fennel, Celery Root, Orange Peel, Onion, Dill, Decaf Green Tea, Honeybush, and Black Pepper all of them labeled organic. It is like someone took tea and blended it with a veggie broth you expect to drink after you had the flu and need liquid but you are bloody sick to death of sweet stuff...and bouillon. In fact that is how I think of this tea, it is sick-time tea, verging very close to food. The aroma of the bag doesn't dissuade me at all, with strong notes of celery and fennel blending with pepper and a touch of underlying citrus sweetness. It smells green and herbaceous and like a soup herb blend...could use some sage though!

Brewing the bag smells a lot like soup, a nice veggie soup with celery and fennel notes reigning supreme, the pepper, onion, and dill showing up as well, though it is mild. No real sign of the sweeter honeybush or orange peel, it smells very savory, almost a bit salty.

Green tea is definitely the tea to use if you want to make a savory blend me thinks, it can come off as savory and brothy at times, not just sweet and nutty. In fact some of my favorite Chinese greens are the ones that taste like stir fried vegetables, so this kinda blend works for me, in part because it tastes like food. Though honestly I am not really sure how much the green tea adds to this, it is very brothy with strong notes of fennel and celery, onion and dill, with a nice warmth of black pepper. I do not detect any sweetness at all and I am not really sure what the orange or honeybush add to this tea. For funsies after I got my initial tasting I decided this tea would be perfect with a gentle sprinkling of salt, and wow does that really bring out the dill notes! I like this tea, it is like soup, it could be used to make broth if I felt really adventurous, and when I am sick and want something to keep me hydrated and I am too lazy to gongfu, excellent choice.

This tea came from a traveling tea box.

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  1. Cool! It does seem like they might have just went the rest of the way and left the tea out of it, and that this would work well for a soup stock base. One of my favorite tisanes is sage "tea," which I found a really good version of as loose herb from a vendor from Croatia (Pampa Tea), essentially where Dalmatian sage is from. This sounds quite different but I could appreciate how a completely different flavor profile could work well for a tisane.