Thursday, July 14, 2016

Taking a Break

As it is probably well known by all who read this blog, I have some health problems, the big one being good ol' Fibromyalgia (or at least until it gets rediagnosed as something else) and I honestly hate bringing it up. Usually my reasons for mentioning it are to bring awareness about chronic illness (same reason I talk about Aspergers) and to let me readers know when something is amiss. It is the latter that is the reason for today's brief ramble.

I am in the middle of one of the worst flair ups I have had in months, one of the ones where I cannot walk and the pain is debilitating. Poor Ben has had to carry water for my kettle and help me move around the house all this week, doubly so as my joint instability sent me tumbling down the stairs (I am fine, got a decent bruise on my hip and that is all) it has been obnoxious. Luckily I have still been able to write, and I seem to be on the end of the flair moving to recovery, but that does come with a rather obnoxious side effect...a headache that will not quit. That is how I know the flair is ending, my chronic headaches always get worse at the end of them. Sadly this headache means I cannot really concentrate to the fullest, and staring at the computer screen is not helping. So, using past data of headache length I am putting the blog on hold until Monday. If things go longer than expected I will update of course, but expect to see reviews come back around then, earlier if I feel much improved *fingers crossed* Have a good weekend everyone.

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