Thursday, July 21, 2016

Teabox: Jasmine Jade Tea, A Tea Review

So, recently a patch came out for Ark on the xbone, and I just downloaded it today and played for a bit. The last patch was supposed to fix the pretty obnoxious and game breaking crash glitch and it didn't fix the problem at all, so I was pretty disheartened. Luckily for me the glitch was fixed, so I was able to play for a bit...granted there are still other problems, but none of them make the game unplayable so I am fine with that!

Today I am looking at Jasmine Jade Tea from Teabox, an Indian green tea blended with jasmine flowers and I believe scented as well, though I am unclear on that point. This is not a tea for the faint of heart, seriously, if you are not a massive fan of jasmine walk away now before you get sucked into a walled garden ruled by the heady flower. This is the tea where the jasmine is in control, from the moment you open the bag, jasmine is there with its vaguely hypnotic potency. Have I made it clear that this jasmine is super strong? It is not perfume-like and cloying, it smells like full on blooming jasmine with a hint of fresh grapes and a tiny bit of vegetal green.

I waffled about how to brew this tea for a few, on the one hand it is a tea from India and they (not always) tend to prefer western style steepings, but on the other hand I have had some great luck with greens gongfu style, so gaiwan time it is! I was expecting a small jasmine thing explosion to go off in my tea area, but it was pleasantly balanced with vegetal spinach and a touch of distant grapes. The liquid is light and sweet, with obvious notes of jasmine, but also notes of spinach and a touch of faint smoke, which was surprising.

The first steep was intense, it starts with scuppernong sweetness and honey and then explodes, I think a jasmine plant just bloomed in my mouth. It is really kinda fascinating, it manages to be intense and heady, but it does not overstay its welcome and also does not overwhelm. This is my biggest problem with a lot of jasmine teas, I want to taste the jasmine but not be smothered by it. This tea is like jasmine nectar and I might have transformed into a hummingbird for this steep.

Next steep is a bit different, the jasmine has bloomed and all that is left is its ghost, and a nice dose of green! It is fresh like spring green plants and vegetal like spinach and a touch of asparagus. There is a tiny bit of smoke and honey. It is sweet and the aftertaste holds the ghost of jasmine blossoms nicely. I admit to not being the biggest fan of jasmine, but this one works for me!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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