Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yunnan Sourcing: Glaze on Clay 'Oxide Blue' Kyusu, A Teaware Review

I am full of sadness, summer has returned and it is gross! All last week I got to have the windows open and it was cool and often rainy, I was so happy with the beautiful weather...even if having the windows open means somehow the blasted orange May Beetles found their way in past the screen in droves. At least I got to have a bit of fun with them, I would jokingly make them quote Harbinger but in a very tiny bug voice, hilarity ensued.

Today I am taking a break from tea to look at a new piece of teaware that has found its way into my collection (a collection that is slowly taking over the bedroom) Yunnan Sourcing's Glaze on Clay 'Oxide Blue' Kyusu a truly spectacular kyusu with a wooden handle and an unglazed clay interior, meaning perfect for dedicating it to a single tea. A tiny bit on the 'big' size at a whopping 175ml, I got it with the idea that its size is perfect for a gongfu session for two, since Ben has been sharing tea with me a lot lately, especially Hong Cha, which is what this pot was dedicated to.

I admit to falling in love with this teapot immediately, the speckled blue and green glaze matches my usual aesthetic, as it is well known by now that I am a sucker for the color blue. When the box arrived I was immensely pleased, sometimes I have bought teaware that once it arrived I was less enthusiastic, but Yunnan Sourcing has never disappointed with their teaware. First I was surprised by the weight, you could really bludgeon someone with this teapot if needed, not that I would want to, if some other dimensional monster busted in on me mid tea session I would clearly want to use my puerh knife rather than risk a teapot. This does mean that if I drop it I am less likely to ruin things forever, plus with it being such thick clay it holds heat like a beast.

The next thing I noticed when examining the teapot was the beautiful leaf on the side, cut-out of the glaze to show the clay the teapot is made from. I find that the leaf ties into the wooden handle, which, might I add, feels wonderful in the hand. I love the kyusu style teapot, sometimes my arthritis makes handles hard to grab, the kyusu is just much more ergonomic. Plus it is balanced very well, which makes pouring a breeze, and speaking of pour this pot is very smooth, no dribbling!

I have been using this pot pretty consistently since I procured it, and it is getting a good bit of seasoning. Both Ben and I have been enjoying using it, since we frequently start the day with a Hong Cha (usually a Dianhong) this teapot gets used most days. I think my favorite thing about this teapot is not the blending of beautiful form and functionality, but that it is a pot that brings together two of my greatest loves.
This teapot was purchased by me.


  1. Does it keep temperature well? Is the lid held well, when the teapot is tilted while using?

  2. It holds temperature really well, and the lid stays on until almost a 90 degree angle, at that point it starts to tilt. I still always keep my thumb on the knob while pouring just in case though.