Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wayfair, #PositiviTea, A Tea Introspective

Recently Wayfair contacted me about their interesting #PositiviTea social campaign, spreading the good word about how tea, to many, is very comforting and like a little slice of home. Perfect timing since it is starting to (for at least half the world) move into the colder part of the year, where big mugs of tea and warm fuzzy robes reign supreme, so here is my little slice of tea themed happiness.

I love tea, anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the stuff, it is safe to say my life kinda revolves around Camellia sinensis. Years ago I just drank tea for the sake of hydrating myself with something warm (or cold, I am Southern and having a tall glass of sweet iced tea was synonymous with home) and enjoying the taste. It was a morning ritual to have a big mug of a strong Assam with cream and sugar, my day couldn’t start without tea. This eventually evolved into a passion for tea that in a way gave me purpose in life.

I am disabled, and not being able to work grated on my well being, I needed something to keep my occupied and all my attempts up to that point had failed. My mom, who I was sharing tea with at the time, suggested tea blogging, combine my passion of writing with my growing obsession with tea. I am so grateful for its existence, giving me an outlet and a purpose. And an enormous collection of gaiwans, yixing teapots, and adorable tiny cups.

Though I would be a terrible blogger if I just drank tea to ‘give me something to do’ trust me, I love this stuff. The sensory pleasure it brings me is worth more than any money can buy! Smelling or tasting a tea and having it call to mind a half forgotten memory, drinking a tea and have the intensity of taste shake off whatever funk has lodged itself into my brain, the various physical reactions my body has to the tea’s qi, and of course one cannot forget the beauty of the leaves and all the tea brewing tools! I do not drink tea for any health benefits or spiritual reason, no, I drink it because it brings me near infinite sensory enjoyment!

Most of all, tea makes me happy! It is impossible to not smile when admiring my collection of teaware, or hearing my kettle roaring to life. Even on my worst days, tea is always there to bring me comfort and even though my way of enjoying it has dramatically evolved over the years, it has always been there to comfort me.

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