Saturday, November 19, 2016

Influenster: Flawless VoxBox, A Product Showcase

Oh hey, Influenster has bestowed upon me another box of random goodies! Sometimes I can really easily pick out the theme behind the VoxBoxes, but this time other than the Flawless tag I got nothing. I will say that it seems all the products are themed around self-care and pampering oneself, things I can get behind with a gusto. To start it off, here is an unboxing video showing off what was in the box! Yeah, I have skills with filming.
On to the products! I say let us start with the elephant in the box, Dr. Teal's Eucalyptus and Spearmint Epsom Salt Soak, whose bag somehow busted open in transit and turned the box into a very pungent (not necessarily bad) smell explosion. The aroma of eucalyptus and spearmint wafted out of the box and filled my entire room, it was very refreshing to my sinuses. 

Usually I am not a fan of bath soaks with eucalyptus and mint, I find their tingling to be pretty painful (Fibromylagia means nerves react weirdly to things) but I do find them to be soothing on my feet when they get sore. So, on the weekend when my housemates moved in and I helped move a bit of furniture, I decided to take my achy feet for a foot soak, and wow was that soothing. So much so that I did not notice any of the tingling coolness that I usually associate with these additives, so later I took a full on bath with Dr Teal's soak and I am in love! It felt great on my sore body and made my skin super smooth. I will be getting more of this for sure, not only did it feel great it was soothing to breathe since eucalyptus has long been used to help with allergies and breathing problems.

Since we are in the realm of bathing, why not look at Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes. I used to love these, carried them in my purse to wipe my face clean and just periodically use them to clean my face between full washes. I am not sure if they changed the formula or my skin has managed to get even weirder, but wow did it ever cause irritation! My Seborrhoeic Dermatitis went a bit haywire, my skin was very red and irritated after a few days of using it and very scaley, it took a LOT of work to get the inflammation down. I gave the rest to Ben to use and he didn't have any problems, but I was sad that wipes I used to love no longer love me. 

Next on to the Simple Skincare Micellar Water, and I will admit I had no idea what this was, so off to Google: 'Micellar Water is made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water' well ok then. So you gently rub it into your skin and don't need to wipe it off, not really sure if it is a cleanser or a moisturizer, though according to their website it is a little bit of both. My face certainly felt clean afterwards and soft, but since I only had enough to try once I have no idea if my skin would freak out at it. I wouldn't mind getting more though since it did feel soothing. 

Makeup time! Specifically a bit of mascara from Covergirl, So Lashy BlastPRO Mascara has by far the freakiest looking applicator I have ever seen. It looks like something from an eldritch horror story, it frightens me a bit. The mascara itself is awesome, it doesn't smudge if I get crazy and rub my eyes, it doesn't clump giving me freaky spider leg eyelashes (ughhh hate that so much) and it doesn't irritate my eyes. Can you tell by now that I have really sensitive skin, buying and wearing body care products is an adventure. No matter how good this mascara was that applicator just didn't work for me, the giant ball got in the way, the applicator was too wide and the brush prongs I found were too short. I just want a good old fashion applicator that is what I did, I love the mascara but this trend to make mascara applicators way too complicated is just not my thing. 

SinfulColors Nail Polish by Kylie Jenner (and her tendency to Mortal Kombat like spell everything with a K) might have been my favorite thing in this box. I was lucky, they sent me a color I actually really like, the Trend Matters Velvet Matte 'King Size' a royal purple with gold pearl. I love purple (though usually I like it darker) I love shimmery nail polish, and I love matte. 

The color is lovely, sadly if you just slap on a couple coats without a basecoat and a varnish it will flake off pretty quickly, so if you are wanting long lasting fancy nails spring for the extra steps. If you are like me and only leave the house once in a while and want to have pretty nails for your outing then a couple coats of polish is plenty. 

You can't pamper oneself without snacks, so next up is Harvest Snaps, their Lightly Salted baked peas. Ok really this is my favorite, but it doesn't really count since it isn't new to me, I've been nomming on these for quite a while. I really like having them by my desk to snack on while or between tasting tea, since they are very mild and do not really interfere with the taste of tea. If you like a snack that is super salty, very strongly tasted, or you know...junk...then you might want something else, but for me, this is a great healthy nibble. 

For snacks you also need drinks, this one was my speciality since it is tea, specifically two teabags from Yogi Tea: Lavender Honey Stress Relief and Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox. Usually I loathe teabags, loose leaf or bust, but you know, herbal tea I can tolerate as a bag because it usually can take a beating. 

The Lavender Honey tea I found quite tasty (though a little busy, but Yogi tea is like that) but the Rose Hibiscus was not at all for me, too tart! If you want an easy tea on a night when you only feel like a teabag I feel you can't go wrong with one of Yogi's many teas. 

The last thing was odd, Ebates. Apparently, you sign up and use their link to buy things and they get a commission and you get money out of it, with shops like Amazon, eBay, and the like. I browsed around the Amazon one before I placed my most recent order and there was nothing I needed, I honestly do not see myself using this much...or ever...but maybe? 

All these items were provided free from Influenster for me to review, I received no compensation and the opinions are my own. 

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