Monday, November 14, 2016

MeiMei Fine Teas: Organic Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea Wild Grown, A Tea Review

Last blog intro I was lamenting not knowing how I want to paint my Khorne dudes from my Age of Sigmar box, and Ben helped me figure it out! What I want most from Warhammer is the undead, sadly Warhammer is not cheap so I am not getting them anytime soon, so my Choas horde is gong to be a horde of zombies! Specifically, zombies inspired by my Mono-Black zombie deck I play in  Magic (aka, Liliana themed) so the accent colors will be glowing purple and black. Because I am a giant dork, but I am glad I finally can start painting them.

Today I am very under the weather, and immensely annoyed by it, so I am going to review a tea sitting in my notebook that evokes spring and happier times. MeiMei Fine Teas' Organic Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea Wild Grown, a green tea and one of the few types of greens I make a point to get each spring harvest, Huang Shan Mao Feng is a comfort green, it is iconically spring to me. The aroma of the long leaves is very fresh, notes of artichokes, distant peony blossoms, a touch of sea air, fresh asparagus, lima beans, and a touch of green peanuts to give a gentle nuttiness to the predominantly green aroma.

Usually I like brewing these delicate Chinese greens in a tall glass to really show off the leaves, but I have always enjoyed this style tea in a gaiwan so that is the route I went. The aroma of the steeped leaves is quite green, with notes of artichoke, spinach, asparagus, and chard with an undertone of sea air, it is savory and vegetal. The liquid is not all savory like the leaves, there is a nutty sweetness of sesame seeds and peanuts with a touch of peony blossoms along with chard, chervil, and asparagus.

One word to sum this first steep up: nectar. It is wonderfully sweet, honeysuckle and peony with sesame and peanuts that fade to orchid and a building green chervil and bell pepper crispness. It has a pleasant lightness, both in taste and mouthfeel, and the gentle floral notes linger into the aftertaste.

The second steep brings the savory while still maintaining the sweetness. It is very smooth and still light though with a stronger presence and thicker mouthfeel. The dominant note is chestnut with an accompaniment of peony and a building vegetal broth that reminds me of soup with a heavy note of asparagus and bell pepper. It is smooth while also being a bit crisp, which is enjoyably refreshing.

The final steep is quite mellow, it might seem as though I have a ton to say, and granted that is partially because I am all sorts of sick, but also because this tea is very mellow and chill. When I was drinking it I found myself relaxed and thinking of flowers blooming and trees budding, it was peaceful and reflected in the taste. Definitely one of those type teas I like to sip when the only thing I have to think about is the tea, no distractions from the outside world.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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