Monday, December 12, 2016

Tea, Romance, and Marriage!

Oh, I am going to be in a state of giddy joy for a while, practically bursting at the seams with it, because Ben and I eloped! It was all very secretive and the fact that I managed to not spoil the surprise should be lauded since I am the worst person ever at keeping things a surprise.

Speaking of surprises, it is not one at all when I say that tea is a big part of our relationship, from the very beginning it has been there. The first tea I made for him was some Genmaicha, when he and a mutual friend were stranded at my house during the Snowpocalypse of 09. It was great, I had never met Ben, but our mutual friend said he was awesome and when she visited brought him along, none of us expected the 'love at first sight' that occurred. We then ended up getting so much snow their return trip was delayed by several days and that was fine by all of us, but of course I had to keep my guests warm by serving up lots of tea. After Ben returned home and then immediately settled his affairs and moved across the country to be with me, I bought him some Earl Grey after he professed his love for it. Even before I became a tea-obsessed blogger it was always there in the background.

But I am a tea obsessed blogger so it is now in the foreground. Most days I gongfu at least one session for the both of us, and when we were planning a wedding we going to have tea as favors and as the liquid concession, our toast would have been tea. Since we decided to elope we still had to have tea, using a pair of beautiful artisan made cups we found at the thrift store on one of our many treasure hunts. They are quite unique, both in shades of blue, purple, and creams, but instead of being my usual pottery obsession, they are pottery cups sitting on wood turned pedestals making them goblets. We toasted to our new union with one of our favorite teas, Gui Fei Oolong from Vietnam, and I am pretty sure that the wedding goblet is going to be Ben's new favorite cup since he has used it with each tea since yesterday.

It matches his melodramatic flair. Which is part of the reason I have invited him to guest blog with me! His passion for tea matches mine, just in a different form and is expressed differently. He would rather use it as fuel for a story where I am all about describing my sensory input, it is a fun difference.

Normal blogging will probably resume tomorrow, if not then Wednesday when he goes back to work, but I had to celebrate what is possibly the happiest day of my existence on my blog, especially since it is so wrapped up in tea! With luck I can edit this post tomorrow with a much cooler picture of the two of us celebrating with tea, but it is dark out tonight and daylight is scarce!

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