Monday, December 19, 2016

The Best Of 2016, A Year In Review

Ok, let us get it out of the way, 2016 has been a rough one, well it has been for the world, for me personally it has been pretty decent. I got married, have my own tearoom, found many thrift store treasures, and played a lot of Magic. Of course, I had a LOT of teas this year too, filled up another 100 page journal with tasting notes and have another one half finished. Seriously, I drink a lot of tea, so I decided to pick the best I had...this year, not all of them have made their way onto the blog yet, but a lot have. This list was immensely hard to make, some of the categories could have MANY favorites, so nobody feel slighted by omission!

The White Teas
Fujian White- Rainbow Peony from Shang Tea

Yunnan White- Moonlight Sonata from Whispering Pines Tea

Other Region White-Kenya 'Rhino' Premium White from What-Cha (I had this one before and have not had the chance to review this year's harvest yet since I just got it. Still love it, so maybe this doesn't count!)

The Green Teas
Chinese Green-Tai Ping Hou Kui Green from MeiMei Fine Teas

Japanese Green- Shincha from Ocha & Co

Matcha- Daily Matcha from Mizuba Tea Co

Other Region Green-Dragon Boat Green from Eco-Cha

Yellow-Jun Shan Yin Zhen from Nannuoshan

The Oolongs
Green Oolong-DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong from Floating Leaves Tea

Roasted Oolong- Amber Forest from Totem Tea

GABA- Osmanthus GABA Oolong from Eco-cha

Bug-Bitten Oolong- Bai Hao (Oriental Beauty) from Tillerman Tea

Aged-Aged Baozhong from Floating Leaves Tea

Dancong-Blackbird from Bitterleaf Tea

Wuyi-Hot and Heavy from White2Tea

The Blacks/Red (aka the section that took me the longest)
Yunnan Red- 2016 A&P from White2Tea

Chinese Red Jinhao Golden Tip from Teavivre

Taiwanese Red Red Jade from Origins Tea

Bug-Bitten Red Honey Black from Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company

Indian Black Red Thunder 2016 from Gopaldhara Tea Estate

Other Region Black Zealong Black from Zealong Tea

Blended Black A Dark Kitchen Sink from Liquid Proust Tea

Purple Black Wild Tree Purple Black of Dehong from Yunnan Sourcing

The Dark Stuff
2016 Sheng 2016 Mengsong Balls fromWhite2Tea Tea Club

Sheng 2015 Early Spring Harvest Elegant Tranquility from Denong Tea

+10 Year Old Sheng 2001 High Mountain Wild Tree Purple Tea Cake of Lincang from Yunnan Sourcing

Shou  Moosecrown from Bitterleaf Tea

Heicha Furyu:Batabatacha from Yunomi

Other Stuff
Purple Tea Wild Tree Purple Moonlight from Yunnan Sourcing

Herbal Lullaby Tea from Kent and Sussex Tea & Coffee Co

Scented Tea Tangerine Peel White Tea from Teavivre

Flower Tea Huizhou Emporer Chrysanthemum Flowers by Teavivre

Honorable Mentions (Really any of these teas could have taken their respective slot and it was a literal coin toss between some of them)
ShangLinXi Black from Eco-Cha Tea Club
Rummy Pu from Liquid Proust Tea
Dragon Blood from Bitterleaf Tea
Honey Red Jade from Golden Tea Leaf
Lao (Aged) Chin Shin Oolong from Tea-Side
Keemun Imperial Gongfu Black from MeiMei Fine Teas
Winter Essence from Xin Mu Cha
2014 Shixiang Fuding White Tea from Green Tea Guru
Hot Brandy from White2Tea
Classic Laoshan Black Tea from Yunnan Sourcing
Extinction Event from Tea-Historic


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! This is an impressive and accomplished tasting list. Bookmarking..

    1. Thank you!! If you end up finding any favorites from the list let me know :D

  2. YS wild purple black of dehong is also one of my favourite red tea!