Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quantitea: Genmaicha, A Tea Review

Well, I did it again, I switched to yet another modpack to play on. I kept getting irritated with ways other ones I was trying were setup, with either glaring omissions or if there was questing I found the way they were set up to be kinda awful. So after a bit of trial and error, I have found one that I am not aggravated with, the Awakening modpack. I can tell this is a good one because day two I found a charged creeper outside my door...I have no shame in admitting I immediately switched to creative and shoved it in a glass box to keep as a pet (I named it lightning bug) and I know this modpack has just random charged creepers, but in all my years of playing I have never seen a single charged creeper, so this totally made my day.

Do you have a tea that is like comfort food? Drinking it is the same as eating a plate of fried chicken and biscuits or a hearty soup? For all my talk of Oolongs and Hongchas being my go-to comfort tea, really the comfort tea for me is Genmaicha, mostly because years ago when I was recovering from surgery I pretty much lived on Genmaicha, my tetsubin was always full, so for a while when I was sick it is what I would drink. I have been out of it for a while weirdly enough, so when Quantitea's Genmaicha arrived I was super thrilled! The day I tasted it I woke up with a wicked sore throat (the first sign of that stupid flu I just recently got over) and thought it was a perfect day to open my package. The aroma of the dry tea is pretty fantastic, strong starchy toasted rice that is a blend of sweetness and savory, the usual sweetness of rice turned ever so savory when toasted. Of course there is the tea itself which gives notes of sea lettuce, kelp, celery, and a bit of nutty sesame seeds. Every time I sniff Genmaicha it makes me crave mochi, this time was no different.

The best part of Japanese green tea, of course, is using my Shiboridashi, which I did, my poor kyusu feels neglected I am sure. After steeping the aroma of the leaves and rice is super strong, lots of rice and sea air with an underlying nori and soybean note. It honestly reminds me a bit of a bowl of rice with a generous topping of furikake and I love it. The liquid is a blend of savory kelp and spinach with a sweet toasted rice and mochi note at the finish. Again it kinda reminds me of food, this time my favorite snack arare.

Really I think this is why Genmaicha is such a comfort tea, it tastes like food, and most the time when I feel ick the last thing I want to do is eat. It starts off with strong toasted rice notes, being both sweet and savory, like mochi but a bit nuttier. Then the green tea shows its strength, strong umami kelp and spinach with a touch of cut grass and broken vegetation. No bitterness at all, and a finish of sugarcane and sweet rice that lingers into the aftertaste. I went for a second steep, it was pretty much the same and quite solid, I find that Genmaicha (a good one, not a cheap grocery store one) can get you two solid steeps and at least one mild one before it is time to eat the leaves with a splash of ponzu.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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