Saturday, January 14, 2017

Second Alarm Farm: Avigael's Green Tea, A Tea Review

Yes, a rare weekend post! My way of making up for missing Thursday and keeping my five days a week solid. So yesterday I was playing Twilight Forest and today I am back to my real mod true love, Thaumcraft! I am playing on a pack that is mostly geared towards the more magical mods rather than the tech ones, and the people who developed Thaumcraft really impress me. Not only is it pretty, intense, and really is super well researched. If you have any enjoyment of esoteric, alchemy, and general medieval, renaissance, and Victorian magical-pseudoscience then you will love the level of 'historical accuracy' used in this mod, I am having way too much fun with it.

You know, in a way tea is alchemy, you take leaves...add a bit of heat...and voila, liquid gold! At least it is liquid gold from an aesthetic 'treasure' sense, which is close enough for me. Today I am looking at Second Alarm Farm's Avigael's Green Tea, a Hawaiian green tea named for the farm owner's daughter. This farm is really quite neat, fairly small, filled with volcanic soil, essentially in a rainforest and fertilized with composted rainforest bits...making for a tea that really soaks up its terroir. The aroma of the dark leaves is fairly light, with notes of sesame seeds, sea air, dulse, bracken fern, cucumber, growing green things, and a subtle sweetness. It very much so reminds me of a rainforest by the sea, I imagine this is what a Hawaiian forest after a rainstorm would smell like!

I decided to brew this tea gongfu style, like I do, and the aroma of the surprisingly colorful wet leaves is very green and oceanic, with notes of dulse, sea air, and sea lettuce blend with cucumber and zucchini with a touch of rained on vegetation. The liquid is light and sweet with notes of cucumber and honey with a gentle note of distant sea air, this tea has me missing the ocean for sure.

The first steep is both nutty and floral, a bit surprising! I was expecting the strong sea air notes to be present, but they are very light, almost ghostly. This tea also tastes exactly like tea, don't laugh, I am not being lazy with my description, it tastes like unprocessed tea plant, but without the bitterness of a 'raw' leaf, it is very green and refreshing just like you would expect a leaf to be...or maybe that is just me and I am a weirdo. There are undertones of sesame seeds and orchids with a touch of honeysuckle, these notes are light at first but hang around in the aftertaste.

I didn't find there was a ton of change with the second steep, and sadly there was not a ton of longevity, but a lot of greens I find are like that. So I also decided to brew it bowl style and found that it was lovely. Very sweet, never getting bitter, with a smooth mouthfeel. Towards the end of the bowl I found it had a buttery taste like cooked zucchini with a lingering chestnut taste. I liked this tea, not quite as much as the Orchid Isle Oolong, but I found its refreshing quality quite enjoyable!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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