Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Teapet Salon: Meowtopia, A Tea for Cats Review

Settling down into my chair after running errands, I feel a little paw patting on my arm. Looking down I see Espeon ever so politely asking (as least I assume that is what she is doing) if she can get into my lap, I move my arm and she hops in and settles down, happily purring. This is no different from any time I leave the room or house, or get out of my chair. Her favorite spot is in my lap.
This, of course, segues nicely into today's 'tea' possibly one of the hardest ones I have reviewed, Teapet Salon's Meowtopia, a tea blended specifically for cats. It blends catnip (obviously) with lemongrass, burdock root, echinacea, valerian, and a flavor blend for a cat safe and approved tea...now you can finally sit and have tea with your cat. Not that Espeon doesn't try to share my tea as it is, I catch her trying to fish tea leaves out of the trash and licking my tea tray all the time, so this tea made me excited, maybe with her own tea she would stop trying to steal mine! 

First off their packaging is super cool, the teabags' wrapper is excellent, and the fact they included a sticker and card, along with product information made my day since it really got to show off their creative art. It is the right kinda weird for me, especially the birthday card, the cat wrestling the carp is just fun, I almost want to frame it and put it next to my desk! But time to get to the point, this tea smells awful, like fishy bacon and apples with a hint of nip...I was grossed out, but Tao and Espeon started hovering around looking very interested in the teabag. Vigorous sniffing ensued.
Here is where it gets weird, I assumed that after steeping they would immediately pounce on the bowl, but no! Tao (who, granted is very finicky but is a hardcore nip addict) sniffed it and then tried to bury it (like she does with anything, she tries to mock bury my food if I leave it unattended if she is around) and Espeon who will eat garbage (no joke, had to take her the ER a few years ago because she swallowed a two foot silk cord...ughhh) sniffed it and walked away. So I tried leaving the bowl next to their water fountain (yes they have a fountain, they are super spoiled) with no luck, mixed it with their food and no luck. I was stumped!

Then the answer hit me with a wet foot the next morning. Espeon pulled the bag out of the garbage and played with it, batting it around and then, of course, leaving it in my path. She is so considerate. So I took one of the other bags out of its wrapper and just gave it to them to play with, Espeon batted it around and bunny-kicked it...Tao happily chewed on it and then fell asleep on top of it. It was the perfect toy for them, I am a little sad they were not interested in consuming it and having a tea party with me, but Espeon is often in my lap while I tea, and Tao is usually in her desk side basket close by, so it is not like I don't constantly have tea with my cats.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company. Also Espeon would like me to stop typing and pet her.

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