Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nepal Tea: Kathmandu Cosmos, A Tea Review

I am getting really fed up with playing Skyblocks, I mean they are kinda fun for a while, but I like exploring and making big builds! So now my quest is to find a modpack that has the mods I like and doesn't make my computer cry, so far no luck. Of course, if it doesn't work I can always go back to the Xbox, Ramble has plenty of buildings that need expanding, like my seemingly endless road and bridges project. Hopefully, the one I am trying now works, simply because it has a tea themed mod where I have to process tea leaves I grow, which is win.

Today I am looking at another tea from Nepal Tea, their Kathmandu Cosmos which blends Golden Tip Black Tea with a myriad of spices, such as pepper, lemongrass, cardamon, ginger, orange peel and other things grown in the farmer's garden. The ingredients are a mystery, which I find exciting. The aroma of the leaves and spices is...well...very spicy! Not for the faint of nose, that is for sure, strong notes of citrus, cloves, ginger, coriander, malt, and what seems to me to be curry leaf and tulsi, but it could be some other spice or herb I am not familiar with from that region that smells similar. It is quite a tasty smelling level of spice, makes my sinuses all warm and tingly, which was great, since I tried this tea on a cold day and was glad for the extra warmth.

I decided to brew this tea in a kyusu I recieved as a Christmas gift, mostly because this tea has a lot of small particles and spice bits, so I needed something with a fine mesh, and the filter on this pot has a fantastic filter. The aroma of the steeped tea is soooo spicy, it is intense!! Strong notes of sweet masala chai style spices (especially the clove) and coriander with undertones of a more herbaceous spice of curry and cumin. Something about this blend of spices is very soothing to me, probably why I eat so many foods that feature similar profiles. The liquid is very sweet smelling, along with a strong spice, specifically spices that come off as very warm, not spicy like a chili pepper but very warm like chewing on a cinnamon stick.

Wow, the taste is pretty potent, very strong spice notes of cloves, ginger, and what seems like corianger and cumin. It has a very pleasant cinnamon style burn that makes the tea have a tingly mouthfeel, with a smooth slightly thick finish. There is a lot going on with this tea, it took me a while to really get a handle on the tea because it was a cascade of different flavors, ranging from warmth to sweetness, herbeceous to malty, it really is fantastically varied with the herbs and spices mixed with the tea. If this seems like a tea you would like to try, select it as one of the rewards for their current Kickstarter, at the very least your mouth will have a serious adventure and you will be supporting a good cause!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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