Saturday, February 4, 2017

Origins Tea: Wild Black Tea, A Tea Review

I am having some real internal conflict with Minecraft. I love building, it is what I do the most, I mean I have been building on the same Xbox world (though transferred from the 360 to the One) for four years. However I want to do epic builds in modded (creative, because I don't have the patience to gather the supplies for a castle in survival) using all the fun decorative blocks. The problem is, I am not sure my computer can handle an epic build non-skyblock, so I think if I want to get my building fix I am stuck with the Xbox and no modded. I am so glad my computer can play Minecraft, but as always with PCs, I wish it was better! I think that is why I have always been a console gamer, up until recently the console just played games, no worry about my processing doing other things (of course the current generation can do so many things, which I am not necessarily happy about, I just want it to play games!) with PC I feel like I constantly need to upgrade it to get it to do what I want.

Today, I am looking at another tea from Origins Tea, I have almost tried all their teas now, which is pretty cool! Wild Black Tea is of course, a tea after my heart, it is a Taiwanese hongcha that has a great rustic appearance, and I am not sure exactly why, but I find this style of tea quite beautiful, it looks wild, like something you would find being served by a hermit way in the mountains, and that calls to the hermit-naturalist part of my brain. The aroma of these wiry leaves is pretty fun, very sweet with notes of brown sugar, sassafras, nutmeg, toast, and a touch of cocoa...standard stuff, but what makes it a bit different is the undertone of fresh cranberries giving it a bit of a fruity tartness and complexity. Unsurprisingly these notes are quite good together, much like a fruity chocolate bar!

Ok, this tea has decided to throw me for a smells like cinnamon toast crunch!!! Ha! I saw the description of the tea lists that too, which cracks me up since I just now noticed that we list the same note. There is also a hint of teaberry and cranberries with undertones of cocoa and a bit of lychee. The liquid, freed from the leaves, is smooth and sweet, no more tart cranberries or sassafrass, just cocoa, toast and cinnamon.

OMG it really tastes like cinnamon toast crunch! Ok not exactly. more like a toasted full grain bread with a lot of butter and cinnamon with a hint of sugar, it is very sweet but not grossly cloying like that cereal can be. I was probably the only kid who hated sugary sweet cereals for breakfast (snacks in the evening, sure) I liked a big steaming bowl of grits or a sausage biscuit, in my head breakfast is I really want some grits now. The mouthfeel on this tea is pretty enjoyable too, it has a very smooth start, almost velvety, and finishes with a pleasant briskness which keeps the mouth alert.

The next steep is different from the first, vastly so! This steep has a mouthfeel that is all smooth and velvety, no briskness to be found. So, the sweet treat this steep resembles chocolate chip cookies, but made with dark chocolate and a lot of brown sugar. Towards the finish of the cup, once the tea has cooled a bit, strong nutty notes of almonds and toasted oats pop up giving the taste a bit of a granola quality, or at least my favorite granola bars!

Guys, Fibromylagia does weird things to your sleep, it is five in the morning, I have been awake for three hours after sleeping fourteen, and decided to bake a ham. I imagine my housemates are going to be very confused by the heady smell of ham filling the house. Third steep, and this is the last strong one, I got two more steeps but they were very light (while also being very sweet) and with fading notes of chocolate and subtle spices. I really liked this tea, but wish it lasted longer, I was still craving more of its unique taste by the time I finished it off. Now, here is the real I take my ham I am baking and use it to make soup like I originally planned, or do I just have a very decadent ham-filled weekend?

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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