Monday, March 6, 2017

A Thousand Posts Later...

Holy crap you guys, I have written a thousand blog posts...I could have written a novel (or two) with the amount of rambling I churned out since this blog started back in 2012, where the blog was just about my gaming and craft projects with occasional rants on things in my life. If you ever get really bored go back and read my pre-tea blog posts when I was writing with the expectations of just my mom reading the blog, they are at times really silly. I have often thought about going back and deleting the old posts, but then I remembered this blog was always about me, and as totally random as those old posts are, they are still me.

Oh how to celebrate 1,000 posts, I thought the best way was to reflect on what the blog as become and what I plan to do with in the future. Some things need to change if I am going to make another Thousand Posts Later update. So first off, THANK YOU!!! This blog has grown in ways I never expected!! I started it for two reasons, the first one that I have never made a secret, I was bored. I was in that nasty state of life where I had finally accepted that yes I am disabled thanks to a messed up body and a quirky brain, but I was always the type of person that has to do -something- and usually have about four projects going at once. Like right now, between writing bits on this blog I am looking at recipes, folding origami, drinking tea, editing photos, and listening to Minecraft Let's Plays. I was, back in August of 2013, visiting my mom lamenting how my life had no direction or purpose. One thing led to another and she said, 'start a tea are always writing about tea in your notebooks, why not start a blog? You are the person we (meaning my friends and family) go to when we want to know what to drink, maybe your blog will help someone find a new favorite tea.' And so I did. That segues nicely into the other reason I started a tea blog, I love introducing people to new teas, find out later that one of my rambles helped them find a tea that was more than just tasty but an EXPERIENCE, well that is just the best thing ever.

I was in for a surprise, apparently, people actually like reading my rambles, I achieved a level of internet fame that I really never expected. My reaction to this is fluctuating awe and terror! This notoriety brought a level of attention that I frequently find a little overwhelming, being an autistic agoraphobe with chronic health problems, the amount of interacting I have to do with people has been staggering. Now please, please, don't get me readers and people I have met in the tea community are by and large amazing, I am so glad to have met them, but I never set out to join a community. I tried dabbling in it, realizing now that I was a big fancy tea blogger I had a responsibility to the community and other bloggers to maintain an air of professionalism and friendly openness to all. I have to admit, this might have been a mistake. I am not at all social, and have been finding the whole thing overwhelming and have been pulling myself away from the social aspect of the tea community. I rarely post on Steepster or the Tea Drinkers group I started years ago, and friends on Instagram might have noticed I am not as talkative as I used to be. Heh, this is sounding like I am breaking up with the tea community (it's not you, it's me) I swear I am not, I am just becoming an old tea hermit who also has a blog. This is why my housemates have named my tea room 'The Cave.'

And now for the really sad part, at least in part, blogging is really not fun for me anymore, it has become a tedious slog. Granted not all the time, I run into some fantastic teas that inspire me to long rambles, but a large portion of what I write about (while being very enjoyable) doesn't necessarily inspire me (mostly because I feel for a lot of teas, other than noting a few differences, I have said everything I need to about that type of tea) and I do not feel that is fair to my readers or the tea. I want to give it my all or not at all. Some things need to change in order for me to keep on blogging, which is something I very much want to do, but first I need to get through my backlog of all the teas I have been sent! (Though, of course, just the idea that I am going to be shaking things up has made me feel inspired again, so I think that is a good start!) So don't expect any changes to be immediate, it will take at least a month.

My plans are to focus more on quality over quantity, so I will be going back to three blogs a week. I also plan on bringing back more tea-themed things (like gongfoolery and teaware reviews, and a crazy new idea I have pairing Magic decks with teas, and how to incorporate tea into gaming, as well as cooking with tea) I still plan on reviewing teas, but want to focus on teas that inspire me and do more side by side focus tastings comparing harvests to each other and the like. I hope you all continue to enjoy my rambling, and that I can inspire you to take tea themed adventures! Here's to another thousand posts!


  1. Congrats on the milestone. Seriously, in *TWICE* that time, I've only done a little over 300 blog posts, so that—in and of itself—deserves a hearty clap.

    As to the burn-out? Ooooh, dude-sis, I feel ya.

    I've been at this tea-bloggin' grind (in one form or another) for nine years. For the sole purpose of finding new teas and new experience, it's been a resounding success. For anything else? Nah, total slog.

    I'm of the philosophy these days, "If it ain't fun, why do it?"

    Sounds like you still garner some levity and joy from the experience. It's just a matter of finding which avenue to take it to keep it so. Frankly, the tea review format is a good starter model, but the posts of yours that I always found most interesting were the "Gongfoolery" ones. The ones that still had something to do with tea, but went beyond mere tasting notes. That might help kickstart your motivation there. That and its an existing format you already have.

    Hang in there, or take a break, whichever. No one will judge ya for it. I'm actually thinking of hanging up my blogger coat in the next year or so. You're welcome to it.

  2. Sounds good! Grats on 1000 posts!

  3. I was just reading through some of your really old posts when I saw this one. I'm feeling short of insight these days related to why I write about tea or what I'm interested in so I don't have anything in the way of feedback or advice to add about those subjects. The idea of old tea blogs was interesting to me at one point, of going back to read some that ran their full course, then the authors stopped. It will be interesting to see the transition you mention, the new directions. Your writing is nice.

  4. I do just one post a week. There's no need for so many posts if you don't have the time.