Friday, March 17, 2017

Origins Tea: Jade Oolong, A Tea Review

I got the most awesome thing in the mail today, all the way from Latvia, a big ol' knot of ancient bog oak. Quick primer on Bog Oak: sometime, a long time ago (over 8,000 years ago in some cases) a tree fell into a peat bog, this anaerobic environment has started fossilizing the wood and stains it inky black, it is then dragged out of an ancient bog and loved by artists and collectors. Here is why I got a chunk (and have another piece on the way) Bog Oak is the ultimate Black Mana Princess (yes that is my term for myself, deal with it) item. For those not in the know, Black Mana is a Magic The Gathering thing, you need it to cast spells (like all my zombies) you generate it by playing swamps. I love swamps, I grew up playing in local wetlands in Georgia, I swear I don't play Mono-Black just because I love swamps, but it certainly is a factor. Every good necromancer needs a chunk of bog oak, it is just good sense!

Today is the last of my very long series looking at all of Origins Tea's teas, well until they get new ones, but for now I close out the story with Jade Oolong. The aroma of the leaves gave me quite the giggle, they smell almost identical to Hawaiian sweet bread rolls, sweet and yeasty with a touch of pineapple. There are also more familiar notes of lilac and chestnuts with a touch honey.

My xishi decided it was not getting enough attention, so that is what I used for this session. The brewed leaves smell less like Hawaiian sweet bread rolls, but they still smell yeasty and sweet, with strong notes of sugarcane, papaya, and tulip tree flowers. The aroma of the liquid is sweet and nutty, lilacs and chestnuts with a touch of gardenias!

Sometimes, I think I was really not cut out to be a blogger, because I have the attention span of a marmot. I love making tea and just sitting with it while gaming or reading, the longer I do it, the more I get fed up with taking notes. So for this one I just decided to go based entirely on my memory of the tea. The tea was sweet and thick, this was what stuck out to me the most, but it is always my favorite thing about Oolongs, that mouthfeel always keeps me coming back. The taste is chestnuts, yeasty bread, tulip tree flowers, later steeps bring out snap peas and sugar cane, finally ending with lilac and hyacinth before it fades totally with lingering sweet bread. It was Ben's day off when I was tasting this, so I shared with him, sharing a green Oolong with Ben is tricky, he either really likes it or hates it, this one he liked so it won a place in my heart. Sometimes I like to just drink the tea and then get lost in memories rather than trying to decipher my horrid handwriting.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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