Friday, March 3, 2017

Origins Tea: Milk Oolong, A Tea Review

I have a new obsession that started yesterday, I am utterly entranced by watching Let's Plays of The Long Dark (aka the Canada Simulator) It is a survival game set in the Canadian wilderness after a geomagnetic apocalypse knocks out all of the technology. Something might have caused an ice age (or it is north Canada) since I believe it is forever winter as well. Unlike a lot of other survival games, it isn't full of monsters (just the occasional starving wolf or bear since forever winter) the main threat is the elements, nature trying to kill you at its best. I used to be obsessed with nature survivalism, it was always a dream to see if I could survive on skill alone (back before I came to terms with being a blasted invalid) so I like seeing how accurate this game is. And it is brutal! I have been glued to the screen instead of my usual having videos as background noise, I am tempted to play it but I don't need another time sink game!

Today, as I peel myself away from watching the Canada Simulator, I look at Origin Teas Milk Oolong. I have said many times in the past that I have mixed feelings on flavored/scented Milk Oolong, I absolutely adore Jin Xuan with its distinctive Nai Xiang (aka, milk fragrance) in all its natural glory, but not all Jin Xuans have this so I see the need to make a consistent flavored one. However, just like the things it reminds me of, I really need to be craving it to enjoy it. The aroma of this one hits me like an explosion of vanilla ice cream, buttered popcorn, and cheesecake, there is a hint of lily flowers, but for the most part it is a carnival of sweetness and popcorn.

After enjoying the dessert aroma, I stuffed it into my gaiwan for steeping. The aroma of the steeped leaves is very sweet and potent, strong notes of vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, buttered popcorn, and a touch of buttered toast. Butter and creamy things are the dominant notes for sure. The liquid is also super sweet and buttery, with strong notes of cream and ice cream, it smells like dessert at the movies.

The first couple steeps really showcase the flavoring of the tea, strong smooth notes of sweet cream and vanilla ice cream dance with buttered popcorn and even a hint of cheesecake. Towards the end of the steeps gentle notes of crushed vegetation and flowers show up, but they are light compared to the explosion of popcorn and dessert. The aftertaste brings in a long lingering butter note that sticks around for a while.

In typical flavored tea fashion, the later steeps showcase the base tea, since the flavoring has died down or gone away. In this case it mostly dies down, but it still present with buttery popcorn and ice cream notes as a background. The majority of the later steeps taste of gentle lilies and honeysuckle with a touch of papaya and crushed vegetation. I am not a huge fan of enhanced milk oolong, but this one is one of the best I have had, so if you like this style milk I say give it a try!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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