Monday, March 13, 2017

Tillerman Tea: Organic Chingjin High Mountain Oolong Winter 2016, A Tea Review

I kinda want to play Ark again. Facebook's memory function was kind enough to let me know that last year this time I was all about the Ark, playing on the public server with my small tribe (aka pretty much just my mom at that point, the others had moved on to a different game.) I mostly stopped playing after the whole Halloween disaster and then the constant crashing, I just got sick of it, but I miss my dinosaur friends. I do not miss the at times awful gameplay though, so I am not sure I will give into temptation.

Today I am looking at a tea that I instantly fell in love with, Organic Chingjin High Mountain Oolong Winter 2016 from Tillerman Tea, though my tale of this tea starts a bit sadly. I used to keep all my samples for the blog on the back of my antique secretary desk (my old tea desk) but once I upgraded to my massive antique rolltop I needed to change things up. The secretary desk went to storage and my baskets of organized tea samples went onto the back of my desk, which has become a bit of a warzone. The cats really, really, like being there, not caring that I am using that spot and like to shove my baskets around. Finally one day Espeon knocked over a basket onto my desk, computer, and I upgraded to lidded totes. In this rain of tea samples, the packet of the Gaoshan fell behind my notebooks and was almost lost, luckily I cleaned my desk off and found it, but it was a close call! It was love at first sniff, strong sweetness of chestnuts with crocus, lilacs, tulip trees, apples, pears, honeysuckles, and hyacinth. It smells like a fruity dessert next to a bouquet of spring flowers, it is wonderfully intense and so aromatic. I might have spent an inordinate amount of time just breathing in the aroma of the tea leaves.

After a steeping in my gaiwan, the aroma of the leaves is so heady and sweet, I felt as though I was sinking into a warm blanket of tulip trees, lilacs, baked apples, peaches, and chestnuts. It smells so good, I drew a little heart in my notebook when I was taking the notes, an honor I reserve for my favorite smelling teas. The aroma of the liquid is sweet and heady, blending flowers and fruit, it smells delicious and I almost sniffed it too long risking letting my cup get cold.

So, I had a couple sessions out of my sample, and each time I had a hard time describing the tea. True I can tell you about its immensely viscous mouthfeel and the wonderful heady blend of magnolia and tulips, lilies and hyacinth, apples and pears, with a finish of snap peas...that would be easy. What I am at a loss for describing is the sensation of drinking this tea.

After many steeps with this tea, I found myself getting more and more lost in the sensation while drinking it, each steep making me feel lighter. Drinking this tea is like floating away on a flowery cloud, transporting me to a mountainside after a rainstorm in late spring. I am not sure I would say this tea has a potent Qi or that I got teadrunk off of it, but it did have a unique sensory experience and one I definitely want to repeat. I greatly enjoyed how floaty this tea made me feel, I want to take a travel steeper full and walk in the local gardens, I feel that would be a wonderful experience.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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