Monday, June 19, 2017

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company: Tieguanyin, and the Importance of Recovery Tea

I am not dead, though I swear the other night if I had died I probably would not have noticed, I was just that sick. What started out as an unhappy belly rumbling a few days earlier pretty dramatically cascaded into one of the worst bouts of food poisoning I have ever had, only narrowly beating out the childhood Norovirus which hospitalized me. Don't get me wrong, I have had much more severe stomach bugs, this was so bad because I got it due to my own incredible stupidity! I thought about not mentioning how it happened, and just saying 'oh I ate something bad' but no, I need to shame myself into never doing this again. A couple months ago I bought a thing of olive salad (the stuff you put on muffuletta sandwiches) and had stored it in the fridge because I like my olives cold, but alas the oil had congealed, I thoroughly read the jar and nowhere did it say to refrigerate (plus you see jars of oil preserved stuff sitting on counters at restaurants all the time) so my oily olive goodness lived on my counter for a few days. Approximately 72 hours before this hell started I made myself a cream cheese bagel with my olive salad...and then it all went so wrong. At first I thought the heat was what was making my stomach so happy, my AC broke and the heat was killing me, but soon became clear that this was something BAD. I was at first worried that I had picked up something contagious, then that I had made something bad and poisoned Ben, but he was fine. Lying on the floor, wishing for death it dawned on me what I alone had eaten. Hilariously if you go to the website for the olive salad they say put it in the fridge, not on the jars though, so I am an idiot who is lucky to have gotten away from it with bog-standard food poisoning and not botulism! Oh yea, and when I dumped the offending jar it had totally gone moldy, SO NOT OK!

Ok, enough of that, I am still weak, living off saltines and applesauce and dying for caffeine, but since it has been 24 hours since the last 'incident' I decided I need tea before I murder something. I spent hours while lying in bed yesterday debating what my first tea would be. I knew I wanted something sweet, mild, dark, and on the low end of the caffeine spectrum, which nicely narrows it down to a roasted Oolong. I decided on Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company's Tieguanyin, their Muzha goodness has become one of my big go-to teas when I am feeling like a walking corpse. It is a delicious tea, one of the best TGY's I have had, which is why it has been relegated to be my soothing sickness brew.

I've talked many times about how TGY was the tea that opened my eyes to tea being more than a drink and elevating it to an art obsession as a teenager. For years it has been the tea I want when I need comforting, the one I drink when I am missing my favorite people and want them close, it is like a hug from my mom, a backrub from Ben, breakfast from my grandfather, looking at the stars and moon with my grandmother. Somehow it manages to be the most comforting things in my life in a cup, which is why I need it in my life. Now, I know this isn't really a review of this tea's taste, and more how drinking it causes me to feel warm fuzzies after being sick...but it shows the importance of picking the right tea for the right reason. I hope all my readers have a tea they can turn to when they are in pain, be it physical or mental, because it truly makes the difference.

And it is not just the caffeine!

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