Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JK Tea: Bai Mu Dan and Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, a Tea Review

It is spoiler season, finishing out the beauty that is Amonkhet with the second set Hour of Devastation and I am LOVING it! I have some new mummies that will be going into my black-white mummy deck, some invocations I am lusting over hard, and some fantastic art that I want for my alter collection. Especially all the deserts, I love altering lands about as much as I do zombies, so you know I am going to have to get all of them. Especially a playset of Ifnir Deadlands because I adore the Iffies (as I have decided to call the Ifnir demons) they are just adorable.

Today I am looking at a pair of white teas from JK Tea, Premium White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) and Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea! Starting with the Bai Mu Dan, one of my favorite teas to drink during the summer, I love how you can do just about anything to BMD and end up with a cooling and usually a quite sweet cup. The aroma of the dry leaves reminds me of summer as well, with notes of melon, hay, wildflower fields, and honey.

After steeping the aroma gets a lovely undertone of white grape, which also shows up in the taste as well! The tea tastes of grapes, lettuce, wildflowers, hay, and melon, with a wonderfully thick mouthfeel and long lingering sweetness. White tea is pretty awesome on how it has a naturally cooling Qi, I always find drinking it refreshing, especially when I am under the weather. When I tasted this tea Ben had a cold and was very happy that I shared with him! You can get four solid strong steeps from this tea and a couple very sweet but very light ones at the finish.

The next tea I looked at was Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, a silver needle which has been scented with jasmine flowers. I love scented teas, and I greatly prefer jasmine white tea over jasmine green, so this tea is right up my alley! The aroma is so heady and floral, like a sweet blooming jasmine plant sitting next to me while sniffing a gentle wildflower and hay-scented silver needle.

I feel like I am a hummingbird while drinking this tea, the delicate sweet jasmine nectar with the thick wildflower and hay notes from the tea is just a fun experience. Doubly so when this tea just does not end, usually I find jasmine scented teas lose their jasmine after a couple steeps and you are left with flowery ghosts and if you are lucky just a solid tea for steeps after. This one is still going strong with the jasmine a whopping five steeps later which was surprising and pretty awesome. Also please excuse the messy tea table, I have been under the weather and cleaning it has been pretty low on my priorities, so there are little tea bits all over it!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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