Monday, June 12, 2017

OMG We Love It: All You Need Are Books And Tea T-Shirt, A Tea Accesory Review

My air conditioner has amazingly bad but predictable timing when it comes to breaking! It is a hot week, in the 90s but at least very breezy, so just relying on air movement from keeping me melting is not too terrible, but what a pain! We just got the motor replaced too, and now it is moving air but not cooling, and ACs are something I sadly know nothing about fixing so I have to get the service dude back out here. Now, long time readers know I hate the heat (which is a paradox for someone who grew up in Atlanta and frequently didn't have a working AC) but my threshold for heat hate is pretty high, I want the AC on when it gets above 95, lower than that I can handle as long as 1) the air quality is good (my asthma gets pretty awful on ozone days) and 2) the windows can be open. I actually kinda hate how cold most people keep their houses in the summer and warm in the winter, but I guess I am the odd one out.

Since it is summer it is time for T-shirts! Recently OMG We Love It sent me this very thematically appropriate shirt, with the phrase 'All You Need Are Books And Tea' and that is a sentiment I can get behind! Usually, I do most my reading at night before bed and my tea time accompaniments are gaming and painting (mostly because that is what I do at my tea desk the most) but it is not uncommon to find me on my tea room divan reading my Kindle and drinking tea. That is pretty much all I did last week while my back recovered, just drank tea and read about Elizabeth of York.
Cat fur and wrinkles, cause that is how I roll

I really liked the design of this shirt, the printing is great, the phrase is right up my alley, but the material of the shirt fills me with tiny squishy hate. Before I go further I need to clarify, I am Autistic, one of the things people on the spectrum struggle with is sensory overload, so when a piece of clothing is uncomfortable it is not just unpleasant it is actively painful. It was one of the early signs something was not quite 'normal' with my brain, my mom would try to put me in shirt or something with a material I was not a fan of and I would have a meltdown, break out in hives, and try to claw it off myself in desperation to make it go away. I need my clothes to be immensely soft and with minimal seams or it is just not happening. Now, not everyone reacts as strongly to clothing texture as I do (or many pieces of clothing would not exist) so definitely take this with a grain of salt.

However, I do feel the material of the shirt itself is pretty cheap. It is 100% cotton with a very thin and rough weave that is more than a little translucent when you hold it up to the light. In contrast, my favorite T-shirt from TeeFury (the Dalek PROCRASTINATE! shirt) is soft, thick, and I can't see a lot of light when I hold it up, heck the black shirts they sell at Michael's are better than this shirt. I am really a bit bummed, I really like the design on this shirt but there is no way I can tolerate wearing it. I had hoped that by washing and fabric softening it a few times I could make it wearable, but no, it feels like wearing a burlap sack. Looking at price, this shirt is on the cheaper end of novelty shirts, being only $18.99 with free shipping, so there is that at least. And as I said earlier, not everyone reacts to shirt materials like I do, it could be a perfect shirt for someone who can wear anything and not be bothered (and I envy you!) but for me, I think this shirt is destined to become a throw pillow for my divan.

This shirt was sent for review purposes by the company.

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