Monday, June 5, 2017

Well, I Have Done It Again...A Hiatus

People who follow me on Facebook and Instagram have been lucky enough to see my recent tale of woe...I have royally messed up my back. It wasn't even my fault this time! No heavy lifting straining, just cleaning the cat litter and then sitting down to an explosion of pain in my lower back and hip. I know this pain, having experienced it before, and I know what it means. Since I have not been to the doctor/chiropractor for it (as it happened yesterday) I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure it is Sciatica (my old nemesis) since the pain is identical, the inability to sit for any amount of time, the inability to put weight on my leg without collapsing, the inability to find a way to be comfortable...yes my dear readers, I am immensely cranky about this, especially since I cannot paint, sit at my beloved desk and write....soooo glad for some good history books, a bed in my tearoom, and a portable tea table!!

Last time I had this act up it went on for MONTHS, but luckily the first week was the worst, after that, I could go back to (mostly) sitting in my desk chair and only really had problems walking (the walker and cane are going to get some extra love it seems) meaning with all luck my hiatus from writing will only be a week. I have a lap desk for in bed writing which I will use if there is no improvement by next Monday, I don't like to use it because if I use my computer in bed too much my pinched nerve in my neck goes haywire. If you are wondering at the point why my back and neck is so screwy, I have Scoliosis and Lordosis, along with one leg that is shorter than the other (which is why if you have seen me in person, I have a permanent limp) combined with Arthritis I have had since I was tiny and Fibromyalgia, back problems are nothing new. Us, ally I can deal with them pretty easily on my own, but when pressure is put on that Sciatic nerve...well, let's just leave out the long train of expletives.

If, for some reason, you can't get enough of me, I will still be posting to Instagram as I recover. Photos of my tea sessions either at my makeshift table or at my usual desk along with discussing what I am reading as I go on a deep (mostly European) history dive this week.

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