Monday, July 24, 2017

Golden Tea Leaf: Iris Dancong Oolong and Traditional Dung Ting Oolong, A Tea Review

You know what is equal parts rewarding and gross? Taxidermy! I love it, and think I really should get more into it because I love skeletons! Taxidermy with the fur and all is cool, but not as much my thing, I am all about dem bones. It started very young for me, one of my favorite toys was Mr. Bones, a Halloween decor skeleton that my three-year-old-self was obsessed with, he got carried away in Hurricane Hugo and it broke my tiny heart. I bring this up because I just pulled the squirrel skull I found in the yard and have been cleaning out of its bleaching soak and now it is drying in the sun, first skull I've cleaned in years and it has re-awoken that dream of having a collection of skulls. What can I say? I have always been obsessed with the macabre and tried to squash that love for years, I am so much happier now that I don't!

Ok, enough of that, time for something entirely not macabre, tea! A pair of yummy teas from Golden Tea Leaf, starting off with Iris Dancong Oolong and wow does it smell delicious! Blending intensely nectar sweet floral notes of iris, orchid, peony, and a touch of orange blossom with equally sweet candied cashews and sesame seeds. It smells magical and intoxicating, like some sort of dessert out of a fairytale! Brewing it makes it headier, with added notes of one of my favorite flowers ever, the glorious night blooming moonflower (the one in the datura family, seriously, go sniff one of these) with a touch of freshly baked buttery poundcake.

The tea itself smells so sweet, like flowery nectar and creamy nutty dessert, it is intense and decadent. That taste doesn't disappoint! Immensely thick mouthfeel and an aftertaste that lasts for an eternity, these fantastic qualities are joined by strong notes of peony flowers, magnolia, honeysuckle, orange blossom, orchid, iris, and a bit of lilies with a strong finish of clover honey drizzled sesame seeds. The aftertaste is a strong orchid and peony taste that truly does stick around for quite a while. This is such a deliciously decadent Dancong, with some serious resteeping stamina, so I can keep satisfying that sweet craving! I think I am going to have to buy this in bulk because it might be my new favorite!

On to the next tea! Traditional Dung Ting, The aroma of this moderately roasted Oolong is delicious! It smells like honey dipped roasted peanuts and toasted chestnuts, it is the perfect level of roast where it maintains that intense sweetness but gets that wonderfully nuttiness and toasted bread notes that drive me wild. I really like this level of roast for the warmer times of year, heavy roasted Oolongs just scream autumn and winter to me, so I tend to only drink them then, but this level is great for all year!

Last night, when I was painting, I was hit with a powerful craving for a roasty toasty session, so I dug into this tea and it was a perfect accompaniment to my immensely frustrating painting project (blasted Mortis Engine/Coven Throne kitbash, so spindly) it kept me chill while the desire to scream bloody murder at my miniature increased! The taste is wonderfully soothing, buttery sweet marzipan and toasted sesame with a side of toasted chestnuts, it is a very nutty sweet Oolong. Later steeps bring out a gentle floral note of honeysuckle and distant wisteria, giving it a late summer feel. I kinda want to get a camp stove and drink this out in a forest at just the beginning of autumn, it has that feel to it, the kind of tea you want to drink once the air starts to get a slight chill in the evening. As always, Golden Tea Leaf impresses me with their tea!

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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