Friday, July 14, 2017

JK Tea: Jin Jun Mei and Mi Lan Xiang Dancong, A Tea Review

Yesterday, while taking a break from taking care of Ben, I went for a walk around the yard to find any interesting basing bits for the miniature I was painting. While out hunting for bits, I found a skull!! It is a really perfect squirrel skull, including the lower jaw and all the teeth (though one fell out and will have to be glued in) and the best part is it is mostly clean. I have it in a box with holes on the porch and letting buggies pick the rest of the bits off and in a couple weeks, I should have a nice shiny new skull for my desk!

Today I am looking at a pair of teas from JK Teas, two of my favorite kinds of teas so looking at them is a treat for me. Starting right off with the hong cha, their Jin Jun Mei, the Fujian golden eyebrows of happiness. The aroma of the delicate leaves is super yammy, this is such a sweet potato pie tea. complete with sweet marshmallows and starchy crust. I love how much this smells like sweet potato pie, though it is making me hungry.

As I suspected from the aroma, the taste is very sweet and full of starchy sweet potato goodness. There is, of course, more to this tea than just sweet potato pie, there is a touch of cocoa and malt, with a rich honey sweet finish. A smooth mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste, this became a bit of a morning favorite for me, especially since the taste is not super strong, it is light and distinct, and lately I have been waking up with a splitting headache so a tea on the more subtle nuanced side has been what I have been in the mood for. If you like your hong cha to be a sweet potato adventure and not be super robust then definitely get this one!

Next up is Imperial Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Dancong, the most iconic of the various Dancongs is Mi Lan Xiang or Honey Orchid Scent. The aroma is very heady, a tiny bit of roast with a lot of flowers and fruit. Strong notes of orchid and plumeria with apples and grapes, it smells crisp and very sweet, I decided to just sit and sniff the tea leaves for a long time before steeping them.

The taste is juicy! This is one of the reasons I really enjoy this style of tea, at the beginning, there is a tiny bit of a roast taste, but that fades very quickly to thick sweet pear, apple, and grape juice with intense heady orchid and plumeria nectar. I feel like a butterfly or hummingbird when drinking this tea, it is elegant and soothing. I really enjoyed it (spoilers, I am actually drinking it another session while writing this, I felt inspired) and think it is an excellent example of Mi Lan Xiang.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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