Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tillerman Tea: 2017 Bai Hao (Oriental Beauty) Oolong, A Tea Review

What the heck is DHT Express shipping? Not DHL, which I am familiar with, and their website bills themselves as Chinese FedEx (with the worst font) but it is a totally new shipping company to me. I ordered some cheap 'nail art' micro paintbrushes from Amazon, because I perpetually need new brushes, miniatures are not kind on brushes and I need detail brushes for card alters...I live such a hard life...but they are being shipped via DHT. The brushes have been handed over to US customs or so the website says, but other than that it is full of mystery.

It has been a while since I reviewed a solo tea, I kinda forget how to do it, but Tillerman Tea's 2017 Bai Hao (Oriental Beauty) I think deserves a crack at it. If readers remember, last year's Bai Hao got the lofty title of being my favorite OB, I still need to get off my lazy backside and order more of it because I have a perpetual craving! Am I expecting this one to be as good? Maybe, will I be disappointed if it isn't, no. Each year is different, depending on what seems like countless factors, so it is always fascinating to see how they differ. The aroma is very sweet, notes of fresh apples, ripe pears, honey drizzled grapes, with undertones of autumn leaves and chestnuts. It smells like everything I want out of an OB! Once steeped it smells very autumnal, like gently spiced baked pears and apples, autumn leaves, roasted nuts, and a gentle woodiness.

The taste of this tea is delicious, it blends slightly tangy very juicy ripe white grapes, peaches drizzled in honey, dry autumn leaves, baked apples and pears, and a distant spicy lily flower at the finish. It is sweet and nuanced at the beginning and gets sweeter as it goes. Later steeps bring in orange blossoms and delicate squash and chestnuts, giving it a level of richness akin to late summer and early autumn. Drinking this tea made me immensely happy, it is wonderfully different from last year but not less than last year. It would be like comparing morning and evening, this one being morning since it has a much brighter and vibrant feel, compared to last years heaviness. I will have to save a bit of my stash of this year and get more of last year and taste them side by side, that would be a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

This tea was sent for review purposes by the company.

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