Friday, August 4, 2017

The End, The Final Post

Well, all, the time has come to hang up my blogger hat, this is the last update this blog will have. I have given this a lot of thought and realized it was time to move on to other things! Before I get into the meat of the blog, thank you...all of you...all the readers, fellow bloggers, tea companies, tea growers, all the ones that found my words useful and relevant, you guys are the reason I continued with this blog for as long as I did, the reason I went from posting quick tasting notes on Facebook to long-winded rambles. I will never have the right words to accurately express my appreciation and the glowing warm fuzzies I get in my heart.

There are myriad reasons why, so I will give a quick rundown. 1. I have burned out and no longer feel I have anything worth saying about these teas, which doesn't do anyone justice, and I really do not want my burn out of writing to leach into the tea itself, I adore tea and will do anything to avoid jeopardizing my love of it!2. It is a job that doesn't pay anything, and I no longer find this job fun, it went from being a hobby and passion to a job. I know from experience this is toxic as hell one's hobbies should never only be a job. 3. Yes, my health is part of it, I am tired of beating myself up for missing blog days due to being too unwell. I started this blog in part to make myself feel constructive while also being disabled, and that really helped at first, now I no longer need it for the confidence boost and the stress of missing posts got old. 4. I just want to drink tea, I am tired of having to stop my sessions to take notes and mess with taking pictures, it is so easy with Instagram to take (mediocre) photos and throw them on there while waiting for the cup to cool, the process of taking notes mid tasting and photos were just getting in the way of my enjoyment,I am tired of having to think about it, I just want to get lost in tea.Those are the main reasons I am ending the blog, I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me!

Don't worry, if you are reading this and thinking NOOOO I want to ogle your epic teaware collection more!! Well, I will still be just as active on Instagram (@TeaNecromancer) showing off various tea sessions. If things go the way I think they will I will be getting a better camera, so hopefully, my mediocre phone cameras will be quite good! I have been told I judge my phone camera harshly, but I think they are mediocre...granted I hate my current phone so that doesn't help.

The void that the blog is leaving in my life is going to be filled with painting, between painting miniatures and altering Magic cards, I realize painting is just what I want to do with my time. Speaking of which, I won't be making a job out of it or anything, but if any of you want miniatures to live on your tea desk or altered cards to pimp out your decks just let me know, I paint for tea, more cards, supplies, cash, fossils...interesting tokens of commerce and treasures! I don't want to get rich off of it, but I am vain enough to admit knowing my creations are out in the world is awesome.

And if you are a tea company who wants me to feature you on Instagram for the photo exposure rather than a lengthy review, please check my blog disclosure tab for any relevant information.

That will be different than the blog. I am not using it as a way to feel productive, or to try to make a job out of it, or to do anything other than bring myself joy...I have just gotten to that level of peace with my life and the trials and tribulations being a disabled, autistic, recluse brings, and that is truly the core of tea, finding peace with oneself. And now I am signing off with a wish that everyone finds a tea that brings them immense joy, be it through taste or some other means, whatever your reason I hope you enjoy it!


  1. I'll miss your posts but I totally understand how you feel. You do what is best for you. I will continue see all you post on Instagram and that makes me happy. Best wishes and may you find joy in your new adventures.

  2. Really sorry to hear this as well, but I do feel you on the burnout. I, too, experienced a bit of that earlier this year. I was finally able to make a separation between Duty and hobby. But not everybody can do that, and if it's no longer fun... Why do it? I look forward to your other updates on Instagram.

  3. It's kind of a coincidence that I'm in the late draft stage of writing a blog post partly about the blogging life cycle based on a tea blog that shut down and signed off. I can relate to reviewing tea feeling like work, to enjoying it more without the note taking.

  4. I'm so sorry to read that you'll no longer be reviewing teas as you were truly one of my favorite blogs to visit. However, I do understand why you made the decision you did and I fully support that decision - tea should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience always - not an obligation. I wish you the very best in whatever direction you choose next - and hope that I will still continue to enjoy your creativity on Facebook!

  5. Quitting the blog to paint minis...I know what's going on here. It's those Reapers. Indoctrination. "Your worlds will become our laboratories." Duck quick, I'm slapping out a Singularity.

  6. I'll miss your writing, but I'm happy that you're following what brings you joy. ❤️

  7. I've always enjoyed your tea ramblings and I'm glad to still see you on Instagram! Your photos there are wonderful :) Wishing you all the best <3


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