Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Resurrection!

You know, my name isn't the Tea Necromancer just because I like tea and spend my time painting undead things, I am a Necromancer, I bring things back to life. So far my record is a hamster in elementary school, many drowned bathtub spiders, one squirrel, and now this blog. When I closed the blog I suspected there was a chance I would be back, but wanted to make it seem final in case I didn't, I know there is nothing more sad then a beloved blog taking a needed hiatus and never returning. I figured there was a very real chance I would miss it and just needed a very long vacation to sort tings out in my brain, and good news, I have! So here is how the blog is going to work this time: twice a week updates on Sunday and Wednesday with a mix of reviews and other tea themed rambling.

Reviews: These are going to be different than they were in the past, I am going to be following a more methodical approach to reviewing, using a form where I will fill in notes. Back when I first started taking detailed tasting notes (before there even was a blog) this is how I did it and it was pretty fun. This way if you just want to know how the tea smells, you can zip to that header, or just to taste, or just to where it came from. Of course since this will be once a week (probably on Sunday) that means I need to be pickier with what I choose to review, my goal is to review teas I find interesting. That means they can taste amazing or awful, as long as it stands out from the crowd. And I promise I won't just write about Oolongs and Hongchas...though probably no Puerh other than the occasional shou.

Other stuff: Rambles? Hmm, this needs a name other than 'other' but for now that works. This is going to be where I talk about teaware, how it affects tea, weird experiments, tea pairings, and comparison posts. This where I will be talking about how one season's tea compares to another, or doing a tasting flight. In a way it will still be a review, but more rambling and also probably shorter snippets about each tea. I absolutely love doing flights and comparison posts, so I am going to try to squeeze as many of those in as possible. There might also be posts where I talk about what tea I enjoy to drink most while painting or baking and the more personal effects of tea. Maybe I should just call Wednesday the free-for-all day!

And so, that is that! I still need to get a new camera, the money I saved up for that went to Honeymoon fun (oh god so much cheese) so my photos will be a mix of phone (it is a Samsung Galaxy S4, so not too bad) and my Fujifilm S8630 with the sad scratch on the lens and possibly fried interior after eclipse photography, totally worth it by the way. If all goes as planned the blog will officially wake from the dead a few weeks after the new year. It would be the first week of January but yours truly too a dive and fell on the computer which in turn feel on the floor and trashed the hard drive, repairs will be done by then and that is when I'll return!


  1. I am so HAPPY about your resurrection of your blog :-) <3

  2. I’m a longtime lurker, but I’m really happy you’re back! Your tea tastes align with mine so well (love hongcha and oolongs the most, by far!). Can’t wait for the new content

  3. Really looking forward to this Lazarus-like endeavor. Congratulations!